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38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment

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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Infantry sword, 1850 (c); blade engraved with retailers name, J Timms, Parade, Leamington; brass guard; fishskin grip bound with wire; steel scabbard. Edged Weapons 1966-03-36
Whip, 1850 (c); Cat O'Nine Tails with a rough hewn wood handle; a leather loop is lashed to three notches in the side; nine whipcord strands, each knotted three times at the end; associated with the 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment. Equipment, general 1966-03-17
Manuscript letter written to his father and mother by Sergeant Jonas Duckworth, 38th Regiment from Berhampur, 6 Mar 1834, complains of rheumatism, hopes the rumour that the regiment will return to England at the end of the year is true, as he is 'heartily tired of India', is detailed to guard prisoners from the regiment who, with the sick, women and children, and heavy baggage, are transported by water when the regiment moves from Ghazipur to Berhampur, describes the river traffic on the Ganges, gives details of the crimes committed by and senteces meted out to men of the regiment and attributes them to drink: 'I do belive that our Regiment is one of the Drunkest in His Majestys service', and also recounts deaths from various accidents caused by drunkenness, describes the barracks at Berhampur. Archives 1990-06-391
Photocopy of typescript transcript of the minute book of Irish Masonic Logic No 441, 1934, attached to the 38th Regiment of Foot, 1796-1821; including a copy of the byelaws made in September 1819; transcribed by T R Henderson. Archives 1986-02-81
Owen Gwyn Saunders Davies. Lieutenant 38th Regiment. Fell at the Redan June 18, 1855 at 21. Lithograph by R J Lane after Thomas Brigstocke, 1855 (c); threequarter length portrait seated in uniform. Prints 1980-08-15
Major Gen Sir John Campbell Bart, Killed at the Redan; Maj Gen Campbell served with 38th Foot; line engraving by an unknown artist; half-length portrait of a man in the uniform of Colonel of the 38th Regiment; associated with the Crimean War, 1855. Prints 1969-10-145
Photograph of Captain Arthur Layard (1819-1855), 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, killed in the Crimea, 7 Aug 1855; photograph by Roger Fenton, 1855; framed in velvet lined case; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856), 1855. Photographs 1956-02-43
Photograph: Survivors of Inkermann taken at reunion, Portsmouth 1892; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856). Photographs 1960-12-379
Photograph album of 52 sepia photographs associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856). Photographed by Roger Fenton. With four loose duplicate photographs. (Album dimensions: 32 x 25 x 4 cm). Photographs 1964-12-151-6
Letter from Pte George Savery, 38th Foot, to his father, written on a Russian Pass, 18 Sept 1855, after fall of Sevastopol, Crimean War. Archives 1962-04-6
Nine letters from Capt A J Layard to his brother A H Layard, MP, 38th Regt, 9th Regt, DAQMG, 2nd Division, written between 29 May 1854 and 7 Jul 1855; associated with the Crimean War, 1854-1855. Archives 1959-03-128
Letters relating to the death of Capt A J Layard, 7 Aug 1855, on board the Troop Ship 'Faith'; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856). Archives 1959-03-129
Memoir: 'PASSAGES ON THE CRIMEAN WAR 1854', written by Richard Barnham, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1854-1856; associated with the Battle of the Alma, Crimean War (1854-1856). Archives 1985-04-98
Collection of papers relating to Sgt Robert Constable Teal's army service particularly in the Crimea with the Coldstream Guards, 1855: two letters; photocopy certificate; photograph; memoriam card; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856). Archives 2003-06-17
Officer's gilt metal button, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1855-1881 (c); from a collection of regimental buttons of the British Infantry, 1st Regiment of Foot to 109th Regiment of Foot, 1830-1881; mounted and framed. Badges 2003-07-43
Badges and buttons associated with 38th (1st Staffordshire) and The South Staffordshire Regiment, 1844-1959. Badges 1966-03-3
Lieut Col Barclay. Stipple engraving by J Blood, 1811 (c); after Dillon, 1805 (c); published by J Asperne, London, 1 Nov 1811; plate to the 'European Magazine'; oval vignette with bust portrait of Robert Barclay, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot. Prints 1984-10-48
Photograph album of 254 photographs taken by Bourne, 1864; associated with 101st Regiment of Foot (Royal Bengal Fusiliers), 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders), 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, 38th Regiment, Probyn's Horse, Royal Horse Artillery, Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade and the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot; associated with India; showing a group of officers of the 101st Regiment of Foot (Royal Bengal Fusiliers) and the regiment on parade at Rawalpindi, views of Simla, the 79th and 93rd Highlanders, 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, 80 pdr guns, Suttee Chowra Ghat scene of Massacre of Cawnpore 1857, Gwalior fort, Agra fort, portraits of officer including Gen Sir Neville Chamberlain. (Album dimensions: 4 x 43 x 7 cm). Photographs 1957-08-2
Collection of badges associated with the 38th Regiment of Foot. From the collection of Maj H G Parkyn. Badges 1970-12-192-1
Officer's shoulder belt plate, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment, 1850 (c). Badges 1983-08-46
Officer's shako plate, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1844-1855. Badges 1983-10-178
Officer's shako plate, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1869-1878. Badges 1984-10-20
Papers of Lt Gen Sir William Warre (566 items, 1807-1823) relating to his military career with the Anglo-Portugese Army during the Peninsular War, covering his appointments, orders, deployment of troops, family news and pay, in particular correspondence with his future wife and mother. Associated with the Peninsular War. Archives 1981-12-53
Seventeen shako plates, Infantry, 1816-1875. Badges 1985-01-42
The Line, 1846. Coloured aquatint by Walker after Michael Angelo Hayes, 1846; number 14 in the series 'The British Army' published by Henry Graves and Company, 30 Oct 1846; showing the 8th, 22nd, 24th, 36th, 44th, 46th, 58th, 88th, 97th and 1st West India Regiments of Foot. Prints 1951-10-34
Manuscript memoirs of an unidentified soldier of 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, of his career in the Army 1808 (c)-1815; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, Holland (1809) and the Peninsular War (1808-1814). Archives 1979-12-21
Eighteen photographs of paintings offered for sale by Parker Gallery, Dec 1974. Photographs 1974-12-120
Shoulder belt plate, officers', worn by Lt Aldwell Taylor, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1821 (c)-1827. Badges 1993-08-1
Military General Service Medal 1793-1814 with clasps, Roleia, Vimiera, Corunna, Salamanca, Vittoria, St Sebastian, Nive; awarded to Sgt G Williams, 38th (1st Staffordshire Regiment of Foot). Medals 1994-02-149
Documents relating to the military service and civil honours of Lt Gen George Lloyd Reilly Richardson, 18th Bengal Lancers. Archives 1973-06-30
Coatee, officers', 38th Regiment of Foot Grenadier Coy, 1848 (c). Uniforms 1958-12-58
Three copies of a typescript copy of the diary of Col W Harry Christie, 38th Regiment of Foot, 4 Jun 1836-14 Nov 1836; Col Christie commanded the escort for the convicts consigned to Botany Bay; includes a detailed description of the journey to Australia with information on the conditions, lay-out of the ship, incidents of the voyage and so on. Archives 1964-01-17
Shako and plume, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1820 (c). Uniforms 1963-09-320
One hundred and two fringe, lace and round cord samples, drummers', Universal pattern, 1860, sealed pattern, 1860. Uniforms 1963-12-167
Waistbelt and pair of sword slings, staff sergeants', senior non-commissioned officers' and warrant officers', 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1870 (c). Equipment, uniform 1979-12-51
Owen Gwyn Saunders Davies, Lieutnant 38th Regiment. Fell at The Redan...aet 21. Coloured lithograph by J Lane after Thomas Brigstocke, 1856 (c); printed by M and N Hanhart, 1856 (c); associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856). Prints 1976-04-23
Costumes of the British Army. Album of 26 aquatints by John Harris and J W Giles after Henry De Daubrawa, William Heath and Henry Martens, 1840-1853; published by Rudolph Ackermann, 1840-1853; associated with FM Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and the British Army. Prints 1981-03-4
Colour photolithographs after Bryan K Fosten and Donald S V Fosten, 1986; published by Pimpernel Studios, 1986. Prints 1987-03-50
Infantry of the Line / Officers. Colour photolithograph after Bryan K Fosten and Donald S V Fosten, 1987; associated with the Line Infantry, 6th Regiment, 8th Regiment, 10th Regiment, 11th Regiment, 16th Regiment. 18th Regiment, 22nd Regiment, 38th Regiment, 47th Regiment, 52nd Regiment, 58th Regiment, 62nd Regiment and the 68th Regiment. Prints 1987-08-42
Colour photolithograph after Bryan K Fosten and Donald S V Fosten, 1985; published by Pimpernel Studios, 1985; associated with Line Infantry. Prints 1985-11-57
Regimental titles, motifs and some regtl battle honours of various regiments inc. the Royal Horse Guards & most Line Regiments from 1st to 49th, 1875 (c). A loose-leaf album, manufactured by Forster Groom and Company, London, containing 37 watercolours, artist unknown, nd, 1875 (c). Drawings and Watercolours 1982-04-153
Diary of Maj Gustavus Hume, 38th Regiment of Foot, relating to Indian Mutiny, 18 Jul 1857 to 30 Apr 1858; including his voyage out to India and the relief of Lucknow; associated with Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 2008-06-39
Waistbelt clasp, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1855-1881. Badges 1963-09-535
Glengarry badge, other ranks', 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1874-1881. Badges 1963-09-363
Letts diary for 1856 which belonged to Lt William Kidston Elles of the 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot; with a small sketch map of the River Danube; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856) and the Siege of Lucknow (1857) and the Battle of Cawnpore (1857), Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 2009-03-12
Letts diary for 1856 which belonged to Lt William Kidston Elles of the 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot; with a small sketch map of the River Danube; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856) and the Siege of Lucknow (1857) and the Battle of Cawnpore (1857), Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Maps 2009-03-12
Other ranks' shako plate, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1861-1869. Badges 1980-05-70
Regimental medal, 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1810 (c)-1820 (c). Medals 1981-07-8
Book of 106 drummers' fringes, various regiments, 1857-1872; sealed pattern, 1857, declared obsolete, 1 Apr 1872. Uniforms 1968-07-480
Tea cup, soup plate, finger bowl and saucer associated with 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment, 1868-1881; maker unknown, 1868-1881. Ceramics 1966-03-29
Five chromolithographs after Richard Simkin, 1894. Prints 1964-11-57-77
Lieut Col. Barclay. Stipple engraving by T Blood after Dillon, published by J Asperne for The European Magazine, 1811. Prints 1995-12-202
Storming and Taking of Serapiqui on the River San Juan, "Central America" by ... and the 3d Compy of the 38th Regt 11th Feby 1848. Coloured lithograph after Capt Ryder, 1848, published by Kidd's, Kingston, 1848. Prints 1971-02-33-557