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Hand-held Vallon detector, 2013 (c)

Vallon detectors use Digital Magnetic Pulse Induction (DMPI) technology to find metal components of mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) buried in the ground or walls. Vallons have been used by the point man at the front of patrols and Advanced Search Teams (AST) to sweep the ground for IEDs.

The search head with telescopic pole is designed to allow easy operation in difficult and dense terrain. The paint marks on the search head have come from the user spraying paint to mark suspected IED locations on the ground. The user is alerted upon detecting metal via an LED bargraph, an audio signal or a vibration. This type of detetector has been used in Iraq (2003-2011) and Afghanistan (2001-).

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NAM. 2013-11-28-1


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