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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Lee-Enfield Mk I* .303 in bolt action charger loading rifle, 1909; converted from Lee-Enfield Mk I* magazine rifle. Issue roundel to '4KOSB' Firearms 1965-10-204-116
Martini-Metford .22 in breechloading single-shot training rifle, 1906-1940 (c); converted from .450 in Mk II 1873 Military Martini-Henry rifle for the National Rifle Association by W W Greener of Birmingham; butt lengthened; target sights. Firearms 1965-10-204-113
Rammer-to-the-Muzzle .73 in flintlock musket, pattern 1794; also known as the Duke of Richmond's Musket; fitted with enclosed lock by Henry Nock. Storekeeper's mark 1786. Firearms 1974-03-129
Flintlock .78 in musket, Long Land pattern, 1742 (c); lock dated 1742; barrel length 45 in cut down from 46 in in service. replacement metal ramrod. Firearms 1974-03-130
.66 in flintlock cavalry carbine, Manton's pattern 1833, 1835 (c); lock dated 1835 and bears cypher of William IV, crown over tower and ordnance viewers mark; fitted with sling bar and ring. Firearms 1974-05-73
.66 in flintlock carbine, Elliots pattern 1773, 1781; produced for the East India Company Cavalry. Firearms 1974-05-74
Pattern 1842 .753 in smoothbore percussion musket, 1845. Produced at Tower of London Arsenal by Proctor, lock dated 1845. Firearms 1974-07-32
.78 in flintlock musket, Marine and Militia pattern 1758, 1758; modern strap. Firearms 1974-07-33
Enfield .577 in percussion rifle, Short pattern 1858, 1860; lock dated 1860 Firearms 1974-07-35
.78 in flintlock musket, Militia or Marine pattern 1759; 42 in barrel, iron ramrod, no escutcheon or tail-pipe; socket bayonet with 17 in blade. Firearms 1975-07-54
.78 in flintlock musket, Militia or Marine pattern 1759; 42 in barrel, iron ramrod, no escutcheon or tail-pipe; socket bayonet with 17 in blade. Edged Weapons 1975-07-54
Baker rifled flintlock .625 in cavalry carbine for the 10th Hussars, 1813 (c); designed by Ezekiel Baker, 1806 (c), and first issued to 10th Light Dragoons; fitted with swivel ramrod, sling bar and ring, and wooden pistol grip. Firearms 1974-10-164
Breechloading Martini-Henry Mk IV .450 in rifle, 1887; issued to colonial forces. Firearms 1974-10-64
Royal Artillery .68 in flintlock carbine, 1780 (c), with later style of lock; also used by Volunteer Artillery. Firearms 1974-07-121
New Land Pattern .75 in Light Infantry musket, 1810 (c). Firearms 1974-07-90
Experimental bolt action breechloading Dreyse needle gun rifle, approximately .70 in, 1850; converted from pattern 1851 muzzleloading Minié rifle; 35 in barrel rifled with 4 grooves. Firearms 1975-11-54
Lovell percussion musket, 1836; designed in 1831 by George Lovell with enclosed back lock; this specimen was number 16 in a series of 20 manufactured in 1836 for troop trials and issued to Infantry regiments. Firearms 1976-03-48
Percussion .75 in carbine, 1845 (c); probably for sappers and miners of East India Company; similar to British pattern 1842, with trigger guard similar to New Land Pattern Sergeants carbine of 1832; Hindi inscription on butt; with associated socket bayonet. Firearms 1976-10-4
Percussion .75 in carbine, 1845 (c); probably for sappers and miners of East India Company; similar to British pattern 1842, with trigger guard similar to New Land Pattern Sergeants carbine of 1832; Hindi inscription on butt; with associated socket bayonet. Edged Weapons 1976-10-4
Breechloading .303 in single shot Martini-Enfield Mk I rifle, 1896; converted from Martini-Henry Mk III rifle. Firearms 1976-11-52
Baker .625 in flintlock rifle, 1823 (c). Firearms 1976-11-53
Lee-Enfield Mk I* .303 in bolt action magazine rifle, 1898 (c); converted from a Lee-Metford .303 in magazine rifle, dated 1892. Issued January 1896. Firearms 1977-01-1
Brunswick .704 percussion rifle, 1st pattern (1837 pattern), 1839, issued to Rifle Regiments. Firearms 1991-10-47
.75 in percussion musket, India pattern, 1833; converted from flintlock to pellet-lock by T H Hayward in 1833 for the Board of Ordnance trials. Firearms 1978-05-1
Lancaster Patent .577 in percussion oval bore carbine, 1860; introduced 1855 for Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners, later the Royal Engineers. Firearms 1978-05-2
East India Company full-stocked percussion cavalry carbine, 1850 (c); brass furniture, swivel bar and ring on left; Baker style grip, tail trigger guard and flat serpentine sideplate. Firearms 1978-09-1
Rifled .55 in breechloading percussion cavalry carbine, 1856; patented (USA) by J Durrell Greene, June 27 1854; 2,000 purchased by War Department 1858, but never issued; components bear ordnance marks for American-made arms. Firearms 1978-05-45
Bolt action .303 in magazine sporting rifle converted from Lee Enfield carbine Mk I*, 1903; with leather sling and attached muzzle and sight protector; belonged to donor's father Capt R Grant. Firearms 1978-12-21
13 bore flintlock light trade musket, with breech stock, 1820 (c); barrel bears post-1813 Birmingham proof marks. Firearms 1979-07-8
Westley Richards .451in percussion carbine, pattern No 5 1866; manufactured for trade or Volunteer cavalry; also known as 'Monkey -tail'. Firearms 1979-07-9
10 bore percussion musket, 1840 (c); similar to pattern 1839; no visible proof marks. Firearms 1979-07-10
Flintlock carbine, .78 in, 1830; believed to be prototype of 1832 New Land pattern Sergeant's Carbine; stock dated 1830, Baker rifle lock. Firearms 1979-07-51
Flintlock Elliot .66 in carbine for Light Dragoons, 1795 (c); cock missing; very poor condition. Firearms 1979-07-55
.577 in percussion Enfield rifle musket, third model, pattern 1853; lock dated 1859; fitted with Col Chester's patent self-priming mechanism, 1859 (c). Firearms 1979-07-56
Percussion carbine, manufactured for Trade or the Merchant Marine, 1840 (c); similar to pattern 1839 Sergeant's Musket. Firearms 1979-07-57
Percussion .73 in (11 bore) carbine, pattern 1839; for sergeants of Line Regiments, 1840 (c); also known as Sergeant's Musket. Firearms 1979-07-58
Percussion .73 in smoothbore (11 bore) carbine, pattern 1841; for sergeants of Line Regiments, 1842; lock dated 1844; also known as Sergeant's Musket. Firearms 1979-07-59
Sea Service .76 in percussion musket, pattern 1839, 1842; pattern 1839 lock with Victorian cypher. Firearms 1980-05-175
Lee-Speed Patent .303 in bolt action sporting rifle, 1901; taken during the Boer War by Lt H W Man, Hampshire Regiment, from Field Commandant M Steyn, son of M T Steyn, last president of the Orange Free State, 11 July 1901;retailed by C & H Weston of Brighton. Firearms 1980-07-136
Paget cavalry carbine, 1840, converted to percussion 1849 (c); possibly used by the South Salopian Yeomanry Cavalry. Firearms 1980-10-4
Snider, .577 in, volunteer pattern, 1870 (c); trigger guard sling swivel missing; cleaning rod intact; converted from muzzle loading. Firearms 1981-01-4
Paget flintlock cavalry carbine, 1836-1838 (c); late pattern furniture; fitted with sling bar and loose ring. Firearms 1981-04-63
Breechloading capping percussion carbine for cavalry, Terry's Patent, 1859; barrel length 21 in, bore 30 in. Firearms 1981-10-47
Pattern 1853 Enfield .577 in Percussion Rifle Musket, Windsor Pattern, 1856. Manufactured under contract to British War Department by Robbins and Lawrence, Windsor, 1856. Firearms 1982-03-72
Lever-action breechloading Martini-Henry .45 in Mk II carbine, 1884-1885 (c); stamped as being Mk II but Mk III was already issued in 1879; fitted for use with a sword bayonet. Firearms 1964-05-59-22
Bolt action .303 in magazine Lee-Speed rifle, 1895 (c); manufactured by the Birmingham Small Arms Company; very similar to the Lee-Enfield Mk I; with bolt cover clearing rod and cleaning rod; wind gauge and brass butt; probably manufactured commercially. Firearms 1964-05-59-19
Breechloading .450 in single-shot Martini-Henry Mk II Artillery carbine, 1877; converted from a Martini-Henry Mk I rifle, 1892 (c); leaf slide backsight; foresight with protectors; sword fittings; steel nose cap incorporating pipe. Firearms 1964-05-59-15
Bolt action needle-fire rifle, 1850-1860 (c); based on the Dreyse needle gun; manufactured at the Kynoch factory, Aston; sword fittings can take the Gras bayonet; crude manufacture. Firearms 1963-12-251
Breechloading .451 in falling block Henry Patent rifle, 1877; first appeared in 1860; bayonet fitting. Firearms 1963-12-251
Percussion Westley-Richards .451 in carbine, pattern No 1, 1858-1866 (c); Martini action 250/445 safety catch with Henry rifling; sights damaged and butt trap cover missing. Firearms 1963-12-251
Bolt action .303 in Lee-Enfield Mk I cavalry carbine, 1896 Firearms 1963-12-251
Breechloading Martini-Enfield Mk I .303 in Cavalry carbine, 1895; converted from Martini-Henry Mk III rifle; cleaning rod missing. Firearms 1963-12-251
Breechloading .303 in single shot Martini-Metford Mk III L artillery carbine, 1894; converted from Martini-Henry rifle, Mk III. Firearms 1963-12-251
Breechloading .303 in single shot Martini-Metford Mk I cavalry carbine, 1897; converted from Martini-Henry cavalry carbine Mk I. Firearms 1963-12-251
Breechloading falling block Westley Richards .450 in rifle, 1872 (c); made for the South African Republic; Martini action; sword bayonet fitting; cleaning rod. Firearms 1963-12-251
Lee-Enfield .303 in bolt action magazine cavalry carbine Mk I, 1900 (c); used by the 10th Hussars. Customised butt. Firearms 1961-07-198
Flintlock musket; known as 'Duke of Richmond's Musket, Rammer-to-the-Butt Pattern' 1794 (c); fitted with Nock's break-off breech; the stock is bored to the buttplate to accommodate the ramrod. Firearms 1984-08-97
Percussion carbine with 'Hanoverian Spring' bayonet catch, pattern 1839; for constabulary (?). Firearms 1984-08-98
Percussion carbine, .577 in; Belgian contract 1856. Firearms 1984-11-198
Heavy dragoon carbine, pattern 1796; lock by Nock 1796 (c). Firearms 1985-08-26
Martini-Henry .450 in Mk III rifle; very similar to Martini Mk II which it succeeded. Firearms 1985-10-5
Shield-shaped, painted, wood plaque; three horses' heads on red ground with blue cross representing 'X' detachment (Horse Transport) Royal Army Service Corps, hand-painted by unit tradesman, 1946 (c); inscribed; a souvenir given to N W A Tomlinsonn, Royal Engineers, by his father G W J Tomlinson, RASC, commander of 'X' detachment, Antwerp. Crafts 1998-07-40
Shield-shaped, painted, wood plaque; horse's head on blue, red, green and brown ground with red arrow pointing top right; wooden mount; inscribed; commemorative shield, belonged to G W J Tomlinson, Royal Army Service Corps, dating from his command of 'X' detachment (Horse Transport) RASC, Antwerp. Crafts 1998-07-39
Two sets of coasters, each consists of two matching pieces and bears the insignia of the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces (RSAF and ADF), 1990 (c). Crafts 1998-07-38
View of the Market, Norwich 1793 (c). Watercolour by James Pattison Cockburn (1770 (c)-1849), aged 14 (later Maj Gen Cockburn, Royal Artillery); unsigned, 1793 (c); busy market scene with houses and St Peter Mancroft Church in background. Drawings and Watercolours 1998-07-37
ENGAGEMENTS BY GEN. SIR REDVERS BULLER'S NATAL FIELD FORCES. Printed silk (?) textile by Vause, Slatter and Calvert, Maritzburg, 1900 (c); 23 engagements from the Armoured train disaster (Chieveley), 15 Nov 1899 to the Battle at Alleman's Nek, 11 Jun 1900; in gold over Union flag. Crafts 1998-07-36
PORTRAITS FROM A PRISON CAMP AT THE ROYAL ARMOURIES MUSEUM, LEEDS. 31 JANUARY - 19 APRIL 1998. Colour photolithograph exhibition poster reproducing a drawing by Ray Newell, published by the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, 1998; title strap as title. Three-quarter-length study of a Russian POW in greatcoat and hat; the artist was captured after fall of Tobruk. Prints 1998-07-35
Snider Mk III .577 in long percussion rifle for volunteers, 1870 (c). London Arms Company. Firearms 1993-06-173
Snider percussion .577 in Mk III carbine 1874 (c), with sight cover and cleaning rods; Natal (?): Victoria or Durban mounted rifles (?); sealed pattern. Firearms 1987-05-1
Musket, India pattern, 1800 (c). Woodwork repaired and restained, re-engraved lock. Firearms 1987-08-11
Martini Metford .303 in Mk VI rifle; production model rather than conversion, scarce weapon using the .303 in cartridge 1889. Firearms 1987-10-1
Percussion rifle, short pattern, with cleaning rod; the 'two band' is a rare item and most were converted to Snider type mechanism; the position of the bayonet mounting is of the first type. Firearms 1987-10-2
Land Transport pattern percussion carbine with cleaning rod; the Land Transport carbine was an emergency measure of the Crimean War (1854-1856); marked with the unit mark and issued to the army. Firearms 1987-10-3
Martini-Henry .450 in cavalry carbine; Hong Kong Native Infantry. Firearms 1990-04-4
Calisher and Terry .539 in percussion, breechloading carbine, 1860; Pattern No2 altered 1861 (c) to Pattern No 3 Firearms 1989-09-2
Flintlock musket for Volunteers (bagged spare flints attached). Socket bayonet, Woolley and Deakin, Birmingham. Firearms 1989-06-48
Flintlock musket for Volunteers (bagged spare flints attached). Socket bayonet, Woolley and Deakin, Birmingham. Edged Weapons 1989-06-48
Martini Henry rifle, .22 in Mk I conversion, 1918 (c), butt repaired or lengthened. Firearms 1992-08-167
Lee-Speed .303 in bolt action magazine rifle, 1896 (c); special long range target sights; retailed by G Fulton, Staines. Firearms 1992-08-171
Lee-Speed .303 in bolt action rifle 1896 (c). Firearms 1992-08-175
Smoothbore .577 in, pattern 1856, short musket 1859; Indian storekeeper's mark, Hyderabad Arsenal. Firearms 1992-08-183
Lee-Metford .303 in Mk I* magazine rifle 1895 (c), originally made 1891, extra furniture to cover receiver. Firearms 1992-08-184
Lee-Enfield .303 in magazine rifle Mk I*, 1900 (c). Firearms 1992-08-192
Pattern 1851 Minié .702 in percussion rifle musket, 1852. Lock dated 1852. Firearms 1994-06-3
Percussion musket, pattern 1839, with early production features dated 1840. Firearms 1993-12-4
Lee Speed .303 in Mk I* bolt action, commercial, magazine rifle; set up for off-set telescopic sight. Firearms 1992-08-186
Snider .577 in rifle musket 1870, commercial model with much restoration; leather belt. Tower lock 1870; chrysanthemum stamp. Firearms 1992-08-187
Commercial .303 in Martini Metford cavalry carbine with extra wood stock, 1890 (c). Firearms 1992-08-188
Percussion carbine for East India Company, artillery, sapper and miner 1851 (c). Firearms 1992-08-194
.577 in Snider Short Rifle 1869, conversion from pattern 60 Enfield Short Rifle. Firearms 1992-11-61
Percussion cavalry carbine; late version of 1st Pattern Victoria without bolted lock. Firearms 1993-01-120
Victoria percussion carbine for East India Company cavalry/artillery, second Pattern, 1843-1851 (c). Firearms 1993-01-25
Victoria percussion carbine for East India Company cavalry/artillery, 2nd pattern, 1843-1851 (c). Firearms 1993-01-26
Victoria percussion carbine for East India Company cavalry/artillery, second pattern, 1843-1851 (c). Firearms 1993-01-27
Flintlock breechloading carbine, Crespi System, with spear, by Durs Christian Egg, 1785 (c). Firearms 1995-08-9
Flintlock musket of the reign of William III (1688-1702). Firearms 1995-07-57
Flintlock rifled carbine by Nock, possibly for Cambridge University Volunteer Cavalry (?), 1800 (c); Nock lock. Firearms 1995-07-53
Enfield rifle musket, 3rd Model, pattern 1853; Liege contract 1858, marked to 14 Middlesex Volunteers, 1861 (c). Firearms 1997-08-58
Flintlock rampart gun, East India Company 1820 (c). Firearms 1997-05-1
Flintlock musket, India pattern, 1800-1815 (c); Nova Scotia Militia marks on butt; Tower lock. Firearms 1997-05-2