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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Women's Army Service Corps memorandum, 1987. Archives 1998-10-206
File of papers on the Princess Royal's Memorial Garden, Women's Army Service Corps Centre, Guildford, 1963-1993. Archives 1998-10-207
File of papers on the visit to the Women's Royal Army Corps Depot and Training Centre at Guildford, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Archives 1998-10-208
File of papers on the association of Elizabeth, Queen Mother, with the Women's Royal Army Corps, 1949-1975. Archives 1998-10-209
File of papers on the association of Katharine, Duchess of Kent, with the Women's Royal Army Corps, 1970-1978. Archives 1998-10-210
Five scrapbooks of press cuttings relating to the Women's Royal Army Corps; 1937-41; 1949-52; 1957-81. Archives 1998-10-211
Scrapbook relating to the 12th Battalion Women's Royal Army Corps, 1958-1962. Archives 1998-10-212
Scrapbook record of the hundred mile march of 70 (Somerset and Dorset) Independent Company, Women's Royal Army Corps (TA), to Nijmegen, Jul 1959. Archives 1998-10-213
File of instructions and report on exercise 'Le Chardon Ecossairs', by 317 (Scottish Command) Battalion Women's Royal Army Corps (TA), Jun 1958. Archives 1998-10-214
Mess property books: minute books and valuation documents for the Women's Royal Army Corps Headquarters Mess. Archives 1998-10-215
54 photographs of Women's Royal Army Corps Headquarters Mess property, 1980-1988 (c). Photographs 1998-10-216
Photographs of 29 Company Women's Royal Army Corps, 1985-1990 (c). Photographs 1998-10-217
Photograph album of 110 photographs: Exercise Joint Backstop conducted by the Royal Signals and Women's Royal Army Corps at Wertach, Bavaria, Jun 1989. Photographs 1998-10-218
Col John Campbell afterwards Duke of Argyll, 1700 (c). Engraving by Heath, 1978 (c), published by G G & J Robinson; half-length portrait in civilian clothing in oval frame. Prints 1998-10-219
THOMAS LORD FAIRFAX, 1650 (c). Line engraving by Benoist, published 1800 (c); bust portrait in armour. Prints 1998-10-220
MAJOR GENERAL CHARLES GEORGE GORDON, C.B, R.E., 1884. Steel engraving by G Cook, after a photograph by Adams and Scanlan, published by William Mackenzie, London and Edinburgh, 1884 (c); half-length facing the front, in an elaborate jacket of his own design with decorations and sash. Prints 1998-10-221
CROMWELL, 1655. Line engraving by R Pranker after Robert Pyle, 1760 (c), 1800 (c); full-length portrait in armour. Prints 1998-10-222
Oliver Cromwell, 1645 (c). Line engraving by W Sharp; half-length portrait in armour framed in an oval, beneath which stand two soldiers, flags and armour. Associated with English Civil War (1642-1649). Prints 1998-10-223
Colonel Gardiner, 1710 (c). Mixed-method engraving by G B Shaw, 1800 (c); three-quarter-length portrait in civilian clothing. Prints 1998-10-224
CROMWELL. Stipple engraving by V Gottshick and Ridley, 1800 (c), after Samuel Cooper; bust portrait looking left in octagonal frame with name inscribed below. Prints 1998-10-225
General Thomas Harrison, 1630 (c), mezzotint, 1780 (c); half-length portrait in armour in an oval frame. Prints 1998-10-226
JAMES DUKE OF HAMILTON, 1640. Etching by Gerimia, published 1806; bust portrait in armour with decoration around the neck, in an oval frame. Prints 1998-10-227
His excellencie the Lord Fairfax; General of the forces raised by the Parliment..., 1650 (c). Line engraving published 1650 (c); three-quarter length portrait with Marshal's baton and belt sash, against a landscape background with soldiers and ships. Prints 1998-10-228
Sir Thomas Fairfax From a Miniature in the hands of Brian Fairfax, Esqr, 1642 (c). Line engraving after a miniature, published 1800 (c); bust portrait in armour in oval with text beneath. Prints 1998-10-229
FIELD MARSHAL VISCOUNT WOLSELEY. K.P., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 1873 (c). Stipple engraving by G J Stodart, 1897 (c), from a photograph by Maull and Company, published by William MacKenzie, 1894 (c). Three-quarter-length portrait in Major-General's uniform. Prints 1998-10-230
CULLODEN MOOR, LOOKING ACROSS THE MORAY FIRTH, 1746. Line engraving by H Griffiths, 1830 (c), after Thomas Allom; two Scottish women imploring Royalist Soldiers to cease fire on a wounded rebel. Prints 1998-10-231
The BARON besieges Seringapatam, 1799. Line engraving, published by William Tegg, 1799 (c); satirical print with the figure of Lord Harris on horseback throwing cannon balls back at the walls of Seringapatam by hand. Prints 1998-10-232
The Siege of Mooltan, 1849. The Houdah of Moolraj's elephant struck by a cannon-ball, 1849 (c). Line engraving by J Rogers after H Warren, published by The London Printing and Publishing Company Limited, 1849 (c); figure falling from an elephant during the battle; associated with the 2nd Sikh War (1848-1849). Prints 1998-10-233
Attack on the Sealkote Mutineers by General Nicholson's Irregular Cavalry, 1857. Line engraving published by The London Printing and Publishing Company Limited, 1857 (c). Gen John Nicholson mounted on a white horse and leading his men into the midst of battle; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Prints 1998-10-234
SUBMISSION OF THE MAHARAJAH DHULEEP SINGH TO SIR HENRY HARDINGE AT KANHA CUSHWA, Feby 9 1846. Line engraving by Hablot K Browne and R Young, after a painting by Hablot Browne, 1846 (c); the Maharajah greeting Hardinge and his fellow officers. Prints 1998-10-235
GENERAL FRAZER, 1800 (c). Stipple engraving by R H Cook after W Haines, for the Military Chronicle; half-length portrait of Lt Gen Alexander MacKenzie Fraser in general officer's coatee. Prints 1998-10-236
In His military capacity, 1879 (c). Colour lithograph printed by Vincent Brooks Day and Co, after 'Spy', Leslie Ward, published by Vanity Fair, 1 Nov 1879; full-length portrait of Montagu Stephen Williams (1835-1892) in evening dress. Prints 1998-10-237
Our Army Critic (Mr Arthur Hamilton Lee, MP), 1907. Colour lithograph printed by Benrose Dalziel Limited, after 'Spy' (Leslie Ward), published by Vanity Fair, 23 Jan 1879; full-length portrait in the House of Commons. Prints 1998-10-238
Field Marshall The Duke of Wellington, 1816 (c). Mezzotint engraving by Charles Turner, after Bauzit, 1816. Three-quarter-length portrait in civilian dress leaning on a sword. Prints 1998-10-239
SIR DAVID BAIRD BART GCB & KC Col 24th Regt, 1811. Mezzotint by T Hodgetts & Sons, after Sir Henry Raeburn RA, published by Alexander Hill, 1820; full-length portrait standing beside his horse. Prints 1998-10-240
Metal mounted pipe, hand carved; F Lewis, 1st Worcestershire Regiment, Boer War, 1901 (c); inscribed; bowl with carved portrait, surrounded by leaf decoration and inscription; wood, bakelite and electro-plated silver, the bowl is stamped 'HCL', 1899 (c). Crafts 1998-10-241
Histoiriese Tablo's op TeËls Historic Tableaux on Tiles. Spiral bound souvenir album of colour photolithographs depicting Boer War (1899-1902) scenes and portraits of four Boer generals; published by South African Airways, 1998 (c); reproductions of hand-painted tiles by Cornelius de Bruin. Prints 1998-10-242
Your Country Needs You, 1998 (c). Colour photolithograph recruiting poster, published by the Ministry of Defence, to encourage ethnic minorities to join the Army, 1998 (c); variation on the Kitchener recruiting poster for World War One with his face replaced by that of an Asian soldier. Prints 1998-10-243
Your Country Needs You, 1998 (c). Colour photolithograph recruiting poster, published by the Ministry of Defence, 1998 (c); variation on the Kitchener recruiting poster for World War One with his face replaced by that of Capt F N K Datson. Prints 1998-10-244
Officer Cadet (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst), 1992 (c). Photolithograph poster after Simon Dyer, published by Sporting and Military Caricature Publishing, 1992 (c); caricature of an officer cadet posing ostentatiously in full uniform. Prints 1998-10-245
Officers' cap badge, officers' button and shoulder title, tailor's pattern, 5th Gurkha Regiment, 1887 (c). Badges 1998-10-254
GENERAL SIR ARCHDALE WILSON, BART KCB, 1868. Engraving by G Stodart after a photograph by Mayall, 1868 (c); three-quarter length portrait in uniform. Prints 1998-10-255
South African Military Uniforms, 1901 (c). Colour photolithograph from photographs by J E Bruton, 1901 (c); three soldiers stand in uniform, listed beneath are their regiments, S A Light Horse, Brabants Horse and Duke of Edinburgh's Volunteer Rifles. Prints 1998-10-256
Hat band or brassard used by charity flag sellers associated with the 2nd Battalion, Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment) in response to the Relief of Ladysmith, 28 Feb 1900, Boer War (1899-1902). According to vendor this piece of ribbon was a brassard used by flag sellers for the Regimental charity. The length of the ribbon, however, suggests a hat band. Uniforms 1998-10-257
Women's Royal Army Corps on a career; video cassette covering trade training, including Royal Military Police and Signals, 1983. Film and Videos 1994-01-165
Video cassette; Women's Royal Army Corps Employment Briefings, 1984. Film and Videos 1994-01-166
A Step in the Right Direction. Video showing 3 Infantry Brigade Training R(?) Centre, Richmond; Platoon 3 Queens, Sergeants, Clerks and Administrative assistants, 1984. Film and Videos 1994-01-167
Check fire- Experimental Gunnery Training at Shoeburyness, 1986; video cassette. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 1994-01-168
Careers in The WELSH GUARDS AVAILABLE NOW, 1998 (c). Colour photolithograph from photographs by Simon Dunstan, printed by the Ministry of Defence; two guardsmen one in full service dress, the other in full combat dress with SA80 and the word 'NOW' stamped over them. Prints 1998-10-258
Careers in The WELSH GUARDS AVAILABLE NOW, 1998 (c). Colour photolithograph from photographs by Simon Dunstan, printed by the Ministry of Defence; two guardsmen one in full service dress, the other in full combat dress with SA80 and the word NOW stamped over them. Prints 1998-10-259
VHS video cassette showing events involving the 6th Royal Australian Regiment at Fort Lytton, Brisbane, 1994. Film and Videos 1995-02-98
Weren't Those Great Days? Video compilation of Telecommunications Research People Establishment (TRE) places; TRE and Royal Air Force radar training in World War Two events, including a visit in 1942 by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth; How Many Aircraft? Training film on the interpretation of blips on Chain Home, receivers 1940, B/W, 10.5 mins; Rebecca Eureka. Training film on the making of the R-Eureka beacon in a paratroop exercise 1942, Colour, 8.5 mins; Monica Mk III C/D. Training film on the radar tail warning device for bombers, colour, 8 mins. Film and Videos 1996-10-80
Women at Arms. Video cassette. Film and Videos 1994-01-169
Three video tapes showing Women's Royal Army Corps training Company Presentation. Film and Videos 1994-01-170
Video copy of Movietone News items of an England versus Australia Test Match at Scarborough, 1948-49; black and white; associated with Maj M E Mclagan MBE. Film and Videos 1994-01-171
Two US-system VHS video cassettes; Remembering the Great War. The US Army during World War One; The Big Red One. 75 Years of Tradition. 1st Division US Army in the two World Wars, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Film and Videos 1996-11-86
3 reels of cine film; More than an adventure (The Services Kinema Corporation), 25 mins; Technical Apprenticeships in the Modern Army, Junior Leaders; Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) 1985. Film and Videos 1996-12-22
Cine film; Australian news broadcast about an ex-Australian SAS soldier, David Everitt, a wanted criminal; Malcolm Holloway, who knew Everitt in his SAS days is interviewed, 1991-1992; 5 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-04-62
Joint Force. Video explaining the role of the new Permanent Joint Headquarters at Northwood, co-ordinating the Joint Rapid Deployment Force and other assets; exercise Purple Star is featured; 1996; 15 mins duration. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 1997-06-57
A History of the TA Infantry in Northern Ireland, 1947-1997. Copy of the video shown in the Royal Irish Regiment Museum, St Patrick's Barracks, Ballymena; 10 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-64
VHS video with two pieces of film; 'Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery', 1986, about training at the Bramcote School near Nuneaton and the other titled 'Gunner Commando', 1986, about 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 1997-06-65
The Junior Leaders' Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, 1988. Video cassette. Film and Videos 1997-06-66
272 High Street, Lincoln. Video cassette; film designed to brief potential Junior Leaders and school Careers Teachers, 1990 (c). Film and Videos 1997-06-67
Junior Leader. About the Infantry Junior Leader Regiments, 1975 (c); compiled for the Central Office of Information. Film and Videos 1997-06-68
Technical Apprenticeships in the Modern Army. Video cassette; recruiting film, 1990 (c); 15 mins duration; compiled for the Central Office of Information. Film and Videos 1997-06-69
VHS video: Welbeck College - Gateway to a Commission in Today's Technical Army. Produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation; 1990 (c); C8565. Film and Videos 1997-06-70
VHS video: 'Juniors. 1. Signal View. 2. Hello Zero Message'. On the work of the Royal Signals, 1980 (c); particularly regarding the Junior Leaders Regiments; compiled for the Royal Signals. Film and Videos 1997-06-71
VHS cassette: 'Harrogate recruiting Royal Signals', about the Royal Signals Army Apprentices Training College at Harrogate, North Yorkshire, 1990; 11 mins duration, VR225. Film and Videos 1997-06-72
VHS video: 'Careers in Communications - Royal Signals, the vital link'. Recruitment video for the Royal Signals; 1996; produced on behalf of Army Recruiting and Liaison. Film and Videos 1997-06-73
VHS video: 'The Right Start - Junior Job Briefing'; film about Junior training in the British Army; Junior Leaders, Junior Soldiers, Apprentices and Junior Bandsmen, 1985 (c). Produced by Kay Film and Video. Film and Videos 1997-06-74
VHS video: 'The Right Man'. Army recruiting film explaining the function of the eighteen Arms and Corps of the British Army, 1985 (c). Produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation; C9684. Film and Videos 1997-06-75
The Right Job. Video, in three parts, showing different roles in the army, 1986; part one 44 mins, part two 20 mins; part three 22 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-76
The First Step. Video about the Army Personnel Recruitment Selection Centre at St George's Barracks, Sutton Coldfield, 1985; 13 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-77
Video explaining the two day Army selection procedure, 1993; 13 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-78
VHS video: 'So You Want to be a Soldier' film showing basic training, 1980 (c). Produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation; C9754. Film and Videos 1997-06-79
Something About a Soldier. Film about basic training at Bassingbourn Barracks, 1975 (c); with the Queens Division and, in particular, the Tangier platoon of the 3rd Anglian Regiment. Film and Videos 1997-06-80
King's Division Depot. Video cassette; film aimed at recruits and their parents, designed to be used by Army Career Information Officers and local recruiters, 1989; 24 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-81
Form for an assignment of offreckonings of the 1st Battalion 35th Regiment of Foot for the period 25 Dec 1807 to 24 Dec 1808. Archives 1998-10-260
Life in the Royal Engineers FA Unit during the 'Phoney War', 1939-40. Account of service in the 24th Field Company Royal Engineers, part of the 54th East Anglian Division, by Edgar Boon. Archives 1998-10-261
Recruiting leaflet and information letter, 1998; relating to 102 (Bromley) Company London Scottish Army Cadet Force. Archives 1998-10-262
Memoirs written by J C Burge, formerly 163 HAA Battery, 55th (Kent) HAA Regiment Royal Artillery (TA): 'Recollections and Reflections 1934-1955'; also files RDF Radio Location, Control Radar and these early years 1939-1942 and The Silent Partner, ADGB Anti-Aircraft Command 1939-1955. Archives 1998-10-263
Only the Best. Video cassette; film showing recruits what they are to expect in the Training Regiments. Film and Videos 1997-06-82
The Will to Succeed. Video cassette; film Showing recruit training in the British Army, 1990 (c); aimed at 17 to 25 year old potential soldier recruits. Film and Videos 1997-06-83
Three Testing Days. Video explaining the work of the Regular Commissions Board at Westbury, Wiltshire, 1995; 14 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-84
The Terriers. Video cassette; film without commentary showing the diverse role of the Territorial Army, 1985 (c); 23 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-85
VHS video: Soldiers. A recruiting film aimed at Officers and soldiers covering aspects of life in a variety of regiments and corps. Covers the UK, Cyprus, British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) and the opportunities available, 1990 (c). Film and Videos 1997-06-86
The Challenge of Command. video cassette; film highlighting the role of the officer in the British Army, 1987; 27 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-87
Gateway to the future - AD 2000 and beyond. Video explaining recruit training with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Princess Marina College, Arborfield, 1989; 23 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-88
Under the White Cross. Video cassette; film showing the work of Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, 1985 (c); 22 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-89
The Intelligence Corps. Recruiting video, 1988; 8 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-90
Photocopied papers relating to Sergeant Albert Mitchell, 13th Hussars; Trooper Henry Boxall, 4th Light Dragoons; both of whom rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade and are buried in Tunbridge Wells Cemetery. Archives 1998-10-264
Photocopied typescript account of the Henderson family, 1742-1998. Archives 1998-10-265
Two books of matches, 1980 (c); one made in Britain, one made by Hayes in Japan (?); associated with Women's Royal Army Corps. Equipment, general 1998-10-266
Small oval chocolate box, 1980 (c); with lid. Equipment, general 1998-10-267
Typescript list of officers of the King's German Legion who fought at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815. Archives 1998-10-268
Nine documents collected by Lt F G Myddelton-Gavey, 1908-1913; includes invoices and receipts and a paper advertising a performance of the play 'King John', by the New Parsee Theatrical Company of Bombay, 1912. Archives 1998-10-269
List of special covers issued by the Army Postal Service Corps, (Indian Army), Dec 1954 to Apr 1994; with envelope issued for bicentenary of 2nd Grenadiers, 1996, used for an internal United Kingdom letter, 1998. Archives 1998-10-270
Menu for the Fiftieth Annual Dinner of the Mountain Artillery Dinner Club, Jun 1998; reprint of the menu of the first dinner, Jun 1949 and words and music of 'The Screw Gun' by Rudyard Kipling. Archives 1998-10-271
Canvas sleeping valise, 1944; associated with Lt Coales, Royal Engineers. Equipment, general 1998-10-272
Large kitbag, 1945; associated with Lt R F Coales, Royal Engineers. Equipment, general 1998-10-273