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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Green canvas camp bed; wooden and metal frame in a privately purchased canvas bag; no military marks. Equipment, general 1998-10-274
Metal frame and canvas camp bed; purchased privately; associated with R W Russell. Furniture 1998-10-276
Canvas water bucket, 1940; associated with R W Russell. Equipment, general 1998-10-277
Mosquito net. Equipment, general 1998-10-278
Tent with poles in a canvas bag; purchased privately. Equipment, general 1998-10-279
Typescript notes on Maurits Uijenhoudt (1874-1942); Uijenhoudt was a Dutch citizen who went to South Africa at the start of the Boer War and fought with the Hollander Corps. Archives 1998-10-280
Diary for 1901 kept by 33804 Trooper Lawrence Featonbury, Section 4, D Company, 1st North Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry, during the Boer War; with typescript transcript and photocopies of his service documents. Archives 1998-10-281
Collection of notes relating to the service of officers of the British Army in the Peninsular War, 1808-1814; including a slip index arranged regimentally and in lists, compiled by Captian L S Challis. Archives 1998-10-282
The Post Office of India and its Story. Photocopy of Appendix H of Geoffrey Clarke's book, 'The Work of the Field Post Office between 1867 and 1912', pages 210-231. Archives 1998-10-283
Typescript of the production details and script of 'Nosey', a play by Allan Prior, relating to the career of the Duke of Wellington; broadcast on BBC Radio Four, 1990. Archives 1998-10-284
22nd Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron, No 4 Squadron 2nd Middlesex Yeomanry, Royal Corps of Signals, a Brief Historical Record. A collection of reminiscences of service of the Squadron during World War Two. Archives 1998-10-285
The Royal Military Police...Have You Got What it takes? Recruiting video, 1989; 8 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-91
VHS video: 'Women's Royal Army Corps, Employment Briefing' Video showing trades available to other ranks in the WRAC, produced by Kay Film and Video; 1980 (c); VT 9968. Film and Videos 1997-06-92
Not Nine Till Five. A video depicting aspects of the selection process, range of employment opportunities and the life-style of Women's Army Service Corps service women, 1980 (c); 23 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-93
The Best Idea I've Ever Had. Two copies of the Women's Royal Army Service Corps recruitment video covering the progress of a potential WRAC officer, 1980 (c); 23 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-06-94
VHS video: 'WRAC - Job Bank.' Video from a BBC series, on basic training with the Women's Royal Army Service Corps; 10 mins duration; 1990; NIV450. Film and Videos 1997-06-95
VHS video of Trooping the Colour, 1974. Produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation, C9324. Film and Videos 1997-06-96
Army Video Diary, Oct 1996. Introduced by General Sir Michael Rose, showing operations in Northern Ireland and Bosnia; training in Canada, Gibraltar and South Africa; also features adventure training and sport. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 1997-06-97
VHS video: 'Regular Army Soldier - Earthquake'. Television advert showing the operation of British Soldiers engaged in disaster relief; part of the 'Be the Best' recruitment drive, 1996; 30 secs duration; COM424. Produced by the Central Office of Information. Film and Videos 1997-06-98
VHS video - recruitment pop music promotion compilation; three tracks on a three hour loop, 'The Heat is On', 'Lets Work Together' and 'Don't Stop Me Now', 1990 (c); C8580. Film and Videos 1997-06-99
VHS video; recruitment pop promotion video to the tunes of 'Don't Stop Me Now' and 'Let's Work Together', 1985 (c). Produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation; C8575. Film and Videos 1997-06-100
VHS video: 'Whatever you want'; recruitment promotional pop video to the tune 'Whatever You Want', by the group Status Quo, 1990 (c); 4 mins duration. Produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation; C8651. Film and Videos 1997-06-101
VHS video: 'Into tomorrow - Royal Signals Junior Leaders Training'. Recruitment training film produced by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation; 1988; VR161. Film and Videos 1997-06-125
The Somme 80 Years on. Video record of the events of 6th -7th Jul 1996, at Richmond, Yorkshire, when the Green Howards Museum held a Somme weekend to coincide with the eightieth anniversary of the battle; 36 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-07-69
The Infantrymen. Spool of 16 mm film; Catalogue Number CIIII. Film and Videos 1997-11-124
Spearhead for Peace. Spool of 16 mm film; Catalogue Number C1240. Film and Videos 1997-11-125
The Army Role. Spool of 16 mm film; Catalogue Number C1357; 11 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-11-126
Musicians in the [...]. Spool of 16 mm film; Catalogue Number C7631. Film and Videos 1997-11-127
Army Officer. One spool of 16 mm film. Catalogue Number C8118. Film and Videos 1997-11-128
Soldiers. Spool of 16 mm film. Catalogue Number C8611. Film and Videos 1997-11-129
The Young Professionals. Spool of 16 mm film. Catalogue Number C9221, 1979. Film and Videos 1997-11-130
Four printed documents relating to the mining of HMT Tyndareus, with the 25th Battalion the Middlesex Regiment aboard, Feb 1917. Archives 1998-10-286
Photocopies from 'Harrison's Derby and Nottingham Journal', of 14 and 21 Oct 1779; reports on the services and casualties of the 17th Regiment of Foot in the action at Stoney Point, American War of Independence; with a copy of 'The Chelsea Pensioner's Story', on the capture of St Sebastian, 1813, from an unidentified late nineteenth, early twentieth century periodical. Archives 1998-10-287
The Forgotten Army. The British Army System 1716-1746. Typescript photocopy of Mr A G Hollinger's MA thesis; on the organisation and internal administration of the British Army; submitted to Emory University, USA, 1976. Archives 1998-10-288
Papers relating to Capt William Albert Larche Hopkins, Royal Engineers, India, 1943. Archives 1998-10-289
Escape map of Siam, Sumatra and Malaya and printed booklet, 'Netaji's Exhortation to Syosan - Indians', for the Mammoth Mass Rally, held in Syonan on 7 Jan 2605.'; collected by Major R T Hungerford, 6th Rajputana Rifles. Maps 1998-10-290
Escape map of Siam, Sumatra and Malaya and printed booklet, 'Netaji's Exhortation to Syosan - Indians', for the Mammoth Mass Rally, held in Syonan on 7 Jan 2605.'; collected by Major R T Hungerford, 6th Rajputana Rifles. Archives 1998-10-290
Modern manuscript transcripts of letters written by Capt (later Gen) John Gordon (1817-1899) during the Indian Mutiny, 1857-1858. Archives 1998-10-291
Notebook found in the effects of 929600 Patrick B Mace, D Battery, 52nd Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1943-1944. Archives 1998-10-292
Two transcripts: 'Guidelines for Listings Naval and Military Hospitals' by J Lake and, 'Royal Army Medical College, Millbank, City of Westminster', by Roger Bowdler, Feb 1998; photocopied article on the Royal Army Medical Corps from the 'Architectural Review' XXII, 1907, 280-290; photocopies of three 1898 plans and elevations of Millbank Married Quarters. Archives 1998-10-293
'From Maidstone to the Mersey', and, 'I Hear there's a Troopship Leaving...'. Copies of two chapters from the memoirs of Capt McDougall describing his military service in World War Two. Archives 1998-10-294
Order book of Elias Thackery, Captain Cambridgeshire Light Dragoons Brigade Major of Yeomanry, 13 Jun to 11 Oct 1797. Archives 1998-10-295
Order book containing copies of general orders issued at Colchester and Ipswich, 30 Dec 1797 to 21 May 1799; associated with Lt Gen Nisbett Balfour, who was on the staff of the Eastern District from Jan 1798. Archives 1998-10-296
Bound standing orders of the 1st (or Royal) Regiment of Dragoons, given out at Salisbury, 1 Jan 1800; signed by Lt Col John Slade. Archives 1998-10-297
Manuscript copy of Cape Town standing orders in Army Book 135, manufactured, Oct 1881. Archives 1998-10-298
Papers relating to Sgn-Maj S M Salaman, Bombay Medical Department, 1870-98, includes: bound manuscript autobiography of Col C A Moyle, 21st Bombay Native Infantry, to 1852; with later matter to 1875. Archives 1998-10-299
Photocopy of Parliamentary paper detailing the transport used to carry men and munitions between 1 Nov 1853 to 1 Mar 1855; associated with the Crimean War; House of Lords 320, 9 Aug 1855. Archives 1998-10-300
Two 16 mm films (one spool each); 'When You Wake Up', Catalogue Number C9288; 'A Head Start' Catalogue Number C9431. Film and Videos 1997-11-131
QA. (?) Spool of 16 mm film, Catalogue Number 9294. Film and Videos 1997-11-132
The QA's. Spool of 16 mm film, Catalogue Number 9330; 15 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-11-133
Questions and Answers. Spool of 16 mm film, Catalogue Number 9898; 24 mins duration. Film and Videos 1997-11-134
Way From Welbeck College. Spool of 16 mm film. Film and Videos 1997-11-135
Soldiers 67. Spool of 16 mm film; 3 mins 50 secs duration. Film and Videos 1997-11-136
Three padded envelopes which contained copies of the Army Video Diary, Apr 1997, but were undelivered and returned to the Adjutant General Information Centre at Worthy Down; with various post marks and cachets. Archives 1998-10-301
Form relating to 290812 Pte Thomas Keys, 1/1st Bn Huntington Cyclists, 1916-1917: discharge certificate; character certificate; folder containing the above. Archives 1998-10-302
Collection of 17 items collected by 4120140 Cpl J Robinson, Cheshire Regiment, during his service; including propaganda leaflets, two messages from the Commander 8th Army, 1944, 8th Army Christmas airgraph, 1944 and two testimonials, 1945. Archives 1998-10-303
Natal Witness Siege Supplement. Newspaper recording the principal events which transpired in South Africa and abroad during the Siege of Ladysmith, Boer War (1899-1902) Archives 1998-10-304
Printed address to all ranks of the 74th (Dublin) Company, Imperial Yeomanry, in appreciation of their service during the Boer War; issued in Dublin, Sep 1902. Archives 1998-10-305
The Soldier's Word and Phrase Book French and German. Books initially belonging to Pte George Henderson, 2/6 Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Jun 1916; later became the property of Pte G Woodward, 1 Middlesex Regiment, BAOR; Middle East Forces Christmas Card 1945; five postcard photographs of World War One vintage and Middlesex Regiment connections. Archives 1998-10-306
Eight sheet maps of South Eastern Rhodesia, published by the Surveyor General, Rhodesia. Maps 1998-10-307
Maps of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany issued to Major J Garton Ash, 86th Field Regiment, 1944-1945; maps of Britain, 1949-1955 (c). Maps 1998-10-308
Nine photographic copies of maps of the United States of America at the time of the War of Independence, 1775-1783; photographic copy of a map of the Mosquito Coast, Honduras. Maps 1998-10-309
Set of maps covering the progress of the 2nd Army from Normandy across Germany to the Baltic, 1944-1945; maps of North America and Canada, 1947-1962 (c). Maps 1998-10-310
Maps; 1:500 000 Asia, GSGS 4589 complete set 11 sheets; produced by the Survey of India and Ordnance Survey, 1945-56. Maps 1998-10-311
Maps; 1:500 000 Borneo, complete (?) set of 25, printed by US Army Map Service and 71 Base Rep Sec Royal Engineers, 1944-1946. Maps 1998-10-312
Maps; 1:200 000 Borneo, GSGS 4683, complete (?) set of 29 sheets, printed by the War Office, US Army Map Service and 72 Base Rep Sec Royal Engineers, 1944-1950. Maps 1998-10-313
34 Japanese maps of Borneo, 1944; 1:100 000, with notes and translation in English. Maps 1998-10-314
Maps; 1:50 000 Borneo, GSGS 4680, complete (?) set of 74 sheets, printed by the War Office, Australian Army Topographical Survey Company and other Australian Units, 1945-1950. Maps 1998-10-315
Four miscellaneous maps of Borneo. Maps 1998-10-316
Six copies, positive and negative of three maps of Seria, Brunei, North Borneo; 1:6800 plan of the oil fields, War Office, 1945; 1:10 000 Seria Field, showing storage and explosives area, not dated. Maps 1998-10-317
Maps; 1:253 440 Sarawak, second edition, complete set of 11; produced by 71 Rep Sec Royal Engineers, Mar-Apr 1946. Maps 1998-10-318
Nine maps of Sarawak, all marked first edition. Maps 1998-10-319
Set of three battle plans for the Battle of Waterloo; A: between 11am-3pm; B: between 3pm and 7:30pm; C: 7:30pm-8:30pm; produced in the early 1970s. Archives 1998-10-320
Plan of the British Positions at Delhi, 1857. Archives 1998-10-321
Album of 209 snapshot and commercial photographs, some tinted; compiled by Maj Hugh Simpson-Baikie, Royal Artillery; India 1894-97 and 1903; Venice, Vienna and Ireland, 1896 (c), and Boer War, 1900-1902. Photographs 1998-10-322
Four 35 mm colour transparencies of the Indian Army Memorial Room, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, 1995 (c). Photographs 1998-10-323
Group photograph of the 2nd (South) Middlesex Rifle Volunteers, 1903 (c); group photograph of a soldier and civilians, with Canada's gifts to the Prince of Wales' National Relief Fund, Tottenham, 1914-18 (c). Photographs 1998-10-324
Six unused postcards of the Aldershot Tattoo, 1930s. Photographs 1998-10-325
Photographs of what appear to be a Baluch Company of the Royal Indian Army Service Corps, Mule Transport, 1945 (c); collected by Maj Cyril Oxted Lloyd. Photographs 1998-10-326
Framed photograph of relics connected with Maj Stephen Raikes Hodson of Hodson's Horse. Photographs 1998-10-327
Video sent to students considering university entrance, advertising the advantages of an army bursary for potential officers; with follow up letter dated 24 Sep 1998. Film and Videos 1998-10-328
Video sent to students considering university entrance, advertising the advantages of an army bursary for potential officers; with follow up letter dated 24 Sep 1998. Archives 1998-10-328
Army Video Diary, April 1997. Video featuring the work of the Royal Logistical Corps; introduced by General Sir Roger Wheeler CGS during a visit to 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment in Catterick. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 1998-10-329
First Contact. CD-ROM issued by the Directorate of Public Relations (Army), Apr 1998; contains information on the organisation of the Army, and a series of 'missions' in which to engage; with press release in 'The British Army' press folder. Film and Videos 1998-10-330
First Contact. CD-ROM issued by the Directorate of Public Relations (Army), Apr 1998; contains information on the organisation of the Army, and a series of 'missions' in which to engage; with press release in 'The British Army' press folder. Archives 1998-10-330
Two sound cassettes: oral history interview with Maj Leon Lubett, Royal Bombay Sappers and Miners, 1940-1946; includes details of his service on the North West Frontier of India, 1943-4; Arakan 1944 and Burma 1945-46. Interview conducted on 2 December 1997. Sound Recordings 1998-10-331
Copy of a recording made by Jimmy House's Stalag VIII B dance orchestra in Britain, after repatriation and before their dispersal, 1944. Sound Recordings 1998-10-332
Photocopies of seven documents relating to the Army service of Pte A Brackenbury, 1943-1947; Army Prayer Book, copy printed Jun 1942; The Dragoon of Wessex, by H J Channon; The Fighting Yellow Devils (The 43rd Wessex Division), ballad by H J Channon, May 1945. Archives 1998-10-333
Group photograph (named) of 18 Pln, D Company, 7th East Yorkshire Regiment, Saunderstead, Surrey, May 1944; ten modern prints of photographs shot near Hanbury, 1945-1946, by Pte A Brackenbury 7th Somerset Light Infantry; postcard photograph of the Military Cemetery of Soltau, 1946-1947. Photographs 1998-10-334
Three sound cassette tapes: oral history interview with Mr Austin Brackenbury; he recalls his service as a Private in the East Yorkshire, South Staffordshire and North Staffordshire Regiments, and the Somerset Light Infantry, 1943-1947; in England, Normandy and the advance across Europe to Germany. Interview conducted on 24 November 1997. Sound Recordings 1998-10-335
Typescript memoirs of service by Anna Moira Sloan Emerson, (later Churches), Auxiliary Territorial Service, 1939-46. Archives 1998-10-336
Sound cassette: oral history interview with Anna Moira Sloan Churches; she recalls her experience as a subaltern in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, later attached to the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1939-1946. Interview conducted on 27 November 1997. Sound Recordings 1998-10-337
Collection of papers relating to Pte Thomas Joseph Cannor, including service in the 4th Volunteer Battalion The Queen's Own Regiment, 1907-1908, and 1/25th Battalion London Regiment, 1918-1919. Archives 1998-10-338
Two photographs of Pte Thomas Joseph Cannor: in the 4th Volunteer Battalion The Queen's Own Regiment, 1907-1908, and in the 1/25th Battalion The London Regiment, 1918-1919. Photographs 1998-10-339
British South Africa Police Force Orders. Incomplete collection from Oct 1949 to Dec 1949; collected by John David Mcpherson Fall who served in the BSAP 1949 to 1969. Archives 1998-10-341
Four group photographs with the sitters all named; 10th Bn Hampshire Regiment, 1940 (c); Rhodesian Army, 2 Brigade Staff and Commanding Officers of 2 Brigade Club, 1969; Rhodesian Army, Headquarters 2 Brigade, Staff Officers, 1970; Rhodesian Army, Chaplain's Military Familiarisation Course, 1978. Photographs 1998-10-343
Manuscript notes compiled by Maj H R Gatehouse, BRIXMIS, British Commanders'-in-Chiefs Mission to Soviet Forces in Germany, relating to the 'Spiral Code', a Vehicle Registration Number codification system used by the Soviet Forces, 1946-1959. [RESTRICTED: CLOSED UNTIL 2028] Archives 1998-10-345
99 photographs of social events involving members of BRIXMIS, British Commanders'-in-Chiefs Mission to Soviet Forces in Germany, and SOXMIS, 1965-1967; with printed ephemera and explanatory notes compiled by the donor. [RESTRICTED: CLOSED UNTIL 2028] Photographs 1998-10-347
Items from the papers of M W Dennison, including: Airborne Forces Day Cover Jul 1998; order of Tercentenary Service Royal Irish Rangers, and Commemorative Cover Jun 1989; letter from Maj Gen R N Wheeler on the formation of the Royal Irish Regiment, Jun 1992. Archives 1998-10-349
Collection of regimental and corps letter headings and envelopes, 1990-95 (c). Archives 1998-10-351