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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Contemporary copy of a letter 'from an officer engaged in the battle of Salamanca, Arevallos, 27 Jul 1812'; with a sketch of the battle; associated with the Battle of San Sebastian, Peninsular War (1808-1814) 1813. Archives 1968-07-333
Leather bound manuscript order book of an Independent Company, 1747-1748. Archives 1968-07-334
First Book of remarks and comments on the Siege of Gibraltar, kept by J Drummond, 12 Apr-4 Nov 1781; associated with the Siege of Gibraltar, Gibraltar (1779-1783) 1779-1783. Archives 1968-07-335
Commonplace book with fragmentary journal, 24 Sep 1804-7 Dec 1810; kept by Lt Thomas Blackwell, 36th Regiment of Foot; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, South America (1804-1807) and with the Peninsular War (1808-1814). Archives 1968-07-336
Six manuscript notebooks of an unidentified author, 1817-1825; associated with the 1st Burma War (1824-1826). Archives 1968-07-337
Arab treatise on Mahdism, lithographed and bound in Omdurman, found among the Khalifa's correspondence after Omdurman and presented to Princess Henry of Battenberg by Col Sir Reginald Wingate, Adjutant General and late Director of the Intelligence Department of the Egyptian Army, 5 Sep 1899; associated with the 2nd Sudan War (1896-1899). Archives 1968-07-338
Typed transcript of Narrative of Shadrach Byfield, Light Company 41st Foot, 1807-1814; deals mainly with operations in America; associated with the American War of 1812 (1812-1815). Archives 1968-07-339
Photograph of Lt (QM) C J Wheeler, 6th Dragoon Guards, with Lt Col Porter, mounted, in blue patrols, 1898. Photographs 1964-09-108
Typescript: Raids in War, by Maj Gen C St L Barter, written pre World War One (1914-1918), 1914 (c). Archives 1968-07-340
Photograph relating to Lt QM C J Wheeler, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), of a group, squadron shooting team in khaki drill, India, 1906-1907. Photographs 1964-09-109
Typescript: British Awards in the Western Hemisphere, 1575 to 1957; by James Power. Archives 1968-07-341
Photograph of Lt QM C J Wheeler in full dress, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), Bangalore, 1905. Photographs 1964-09-110
Photograph of Lt QM C J Wheeler in service dress, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), Dublin, 1914. Photographs 1964-09-111
Photograph of a British trench occupied by the Germans, 1916 (c). Photographs 1964-09-112
Typescript: Battle Awards and Decorations of the British Indian Force, nd; by James Power. Archives 1968-07-342
Ten notebooks on the archaeology of weapons, nd; kept by Maj Gen A H Lane-Fox-Pitt-Rivers, the archaeologist. Archives 1968-07-343
Photograph of orders and medals from the Cambridge Collection, items belonging to HSH Princess Iris Galitzine, nd. Photographs 1964-09-113
Typed transcript of the diary of Lord Edward Somerset, 1815-1817; includes Waterloo, where he commanded a Cavalry Brigade and the occupation of Paris; also includes his letter describing Waterloo; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo (1815). Archives 1968-07-344
Postcard photograph of Fyrish Monument, Ireland, built by Sir Hector Munro, 1726-1805. Photographs 1964-09-114
Five photographs of Barnaby Hall, Yorkshire West Riding and Ambulance Operations, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1940 (c). Photographs 1964-09-117
Photograph of the Prince of Wales inspecting 1st Bn Leinster Regiment at the Fort in Madras, India, 16 Jan 1922. Photographs 1964-09-118
Documents connected with Sir John Moore, 1806-1808; includes commissions, a Dispensation and a letter from Sir Arthur Wellesley; associated with the Peninsular War (1808-1814). Archives 1968-07-345
Photograph of a portrait of Gen Sir Cuthbert Sprawson, in General's officer's full dress, 1937. Photographs 1964-09-119
Photograph of Col Sir Alexander Russell, Indian Medical Service, 1938 (c). Photographs 1964-09-120
Photograph of a panorama of Colenso with notes on various positions, 1899. Photographs 1964-09-121
HM Queen Alexandra's farewell manuscript order to the 19th Royal Hussars (Queen Alexandra's Own), 1 Oct 1921. Archives 1968-07-346
Photograph, mounted, of a statue of Lord John Lawrence, Viceroy of India, 1864-1869. Photographs 1964-09-123
Three photographs of H H Spitta, RMA Woolwich and 101st Fusiliers, 1870 (c)-1875. Photographs 1964-10-122
Two photographs of groups of officers in service dress, Indian Army cavalry units, 1912-1921. Photographs 1964-10-123
Sixteen photographs of Everest Expedition and Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1922. Photographs 1964-10-124
Two photographs or reunion of members of Royal Irish Regiment OCA, London, 1964. Photographs 1964-10-125
Twenty photographs collected by H B Orpen Palmer, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1910 (c)-1916; associated with Lucknow, Cawnpore, South Africa, China, Bareilly, Kenmore. Photographs 1964-10-126
Photograph of Maj Gen E W Begbie, in full dress, 1898. Photographs 1964-10-127
Five photographs relating to Maj Gen C A Fowler CB CSI DSO, India, 1914 (c). Photographs 1964-10-128
Photograph of a panoramic view in three sections of the battlefield of Loos, taken 21 Jun 1915; with pencilled in locations. Photographs 1964-10-129
Correspondence and typescript notes originally compiled for Gen Swinton in 1935 and subsequently copied to Maj Gen John F C Fuller; from a collection of operational papers relating to the career in the Tank Corps of Major Allen Holford-Walker, 1916-1935 (c); associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 2006-09-5-5
Photograph of Nusseree Battalion (later 1st Gurkha Rifles), by Felice Beato, 1857 (c). Photographs 1959-09-109
Three photographs relating to Maj R C O Creagh, 47th Sikhs, 1864-1904. Photographs 1964-11-73
Pen and ink map of the Arras area on tracing paper, annotated in red pencil, nd; from a collection of operational papers relating to the career in the Tank Corps of Major Allen Holford-Walker, 1916-1935 (c); associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Maps 2006-09-5-6
Photograph of E A C Lester in civilian clothes, 1910 (c). Photographs 1964-11-74
Two photographs of Bihar Light Horse on parade in full dress, 1900 (c). Photographs 1964-11-75
Seventy eight photographs collected by Capt C Hemsley, 64th Pioneers attached to 50th Brigade Staff, Mesopotamia, Palestine and Syria, 1918-1919; associated with groups and informal portraits, local views, armoured cars, motor transport, pontoon bridges, river traffic, horse artillery. Photographs 1964-11-76
Two photographs relating to 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot, India, 1872 (c); associated with view of camp and senior non-commissioned officers' group. Photographs 1964-11-77
Photograph, tinted, of sabretache, 1st Madras Light Cavalry, 1895 (c). Photographs 1964-11-78
Thirty photographs collected by Sgn Gen W Taylor CB, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1870 (c)-1896; associated with portraits, groups, badminton players, possibly freemasons, Chambly Barracks, possibly in India, interior of chapel, topography. Photographs 1964-11-81
Thirty four photograph relating to Connaught Rangers, 1860-1918; associated with groups, portraits including Maj Gen Sir H Shrily, commanding officer, 88th Regiment of Foot in the Crimea, regimental dinners, parades, barracks, Colchester, Galway. Photographs 1964-12-155
Printed Battle Maps from originals by W R Moorsom, 1808-1815; associated with the Peninsular War (1808-1814) and with the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815). Maps 1956-08-18
Four photographs of groups, Indian Military Police, 1944-1945. Photographs 1964-12-156
Typewritten copy of Record of Service of Maj Aufrere Baker, including details of Mutiny service, 1850 (c)-1879; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 1956-08-63
Nineteen photographs relating to the Corps of Guides, 1905 (c)-1910; associated with regimental types, recruits, cavalry, Dargai Station, Infantry, memorials to L S Wells. Photographs 1964-12-157
Autograph letter and envelope from FM Sir John Dill, Headquarters, 1st Corps British Expeditionary Force, 30 Dec 1939; associated with World War Two, North West Europe (1939-1943). Archives 1956-08-70
One album, one ledger and official papers kept by Mrs C A Rickards who ran the Prisoners of War Comforts Fund for Officers and men of the 4th Dragoon Guards taken prisoner in World War One (1914-1918); associated with World War One, POWs (1914-1918). Archives 1956-10-50
Cutting from Illustrated London News: Athletic Games at RMA Woolwich, 28 Sep 1850; two illustrations. Archives 1956-11-9
Boer War scrapbook and four loose photograph album pages containing 28 photographs relating to the 5th Lancers, 1899-1902; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1956-11-10
Boer War scrapbook and four loose photograph album pages containing 28 photographs relating to the 5th Lancers, 1899-1902; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Photographs 1956-11-10
Photograph of Waterloo Medal collection at Cheltenham College, 1965 (c). Photographs 1965-01-196
Printed copy of London Gazette, March 1861; giving citation of award of Victoria Cross to Sam Browne with order by Gen Sir Sidney Cotton giving an account of the parade at which the Victoria Cross was presented to him. Archives 1956-11-16
Commission of Anson Hugh McCleverty to be 2nd Lieutenant in Land Forces, 27 Jul 1898. Archives 1956-11-22
Certified copy of commission of Henry Ruston Corfield to be Captain, East India Company, Bengal Establishment, 1858; with photocopy. Archives 1956-11-24
Nineteen miscellaneous letters from Sgn W H Rean, with transcriptions, giving experiences during the Mutiny, 1857; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859); transcriptions only to be used. Archives 1956-12-40
Five photographs of portraits, Lord Kitchener, Lord Cromer, Rudolph von Slatin, Abbas Hilmi, Mohamed Ali, all persons connected with the Sudan, 1898. Photographs 1965-01-197
Three photographic portraits, 1855 (c)-1870 (c). Photographs 1965-01-198
Documents concerning the service of Sgn Gen W H Rean, 1853-1856; he served with the Madras Fusiliers in the Mutiny and later with 9 Madras Native Infantry. Archives 1956-12-41-3
List of Gentlemen Cadets for Public Examination at East India Company Military Seminary, 11 Jun 1839 together with commissions to Thomas Somerville Irwin and to John Irwin, 1806 and 1841. Archives 1957-01-1
Newspapers 'Morning Chronicle' and 'London Advertiser', 22 Feb and 13 Jul 1782; contains letters on war in America dated 1778 and reports and news of Gibraltar operations; associated with the American War of Independence (1775-1783). Archives 1957-01-9
Documents connected with the disbanding of the 4/2nd Pioneers, 1926; associated with World War One, Mesopotamia (1914-1918). Archives 1957-01-20
Progress report, Addiscombe, May and November 1847; contains names of Swynfen Jervis, Patrick Alexander Agnew and Thomas Carlisle Crowe. Archives 1957-02-13
Notebook containing list of officers and 25 page typescript history of the 106th Hazara Pioneers written in November 1949; written by Brig N L St Pierre Bunbury DSO; associated with World War One, Mesopotamia (1914-1918). Archives 1957-01-25
Delhi Gazette, 10 Mar 1859; contains Mutiny information; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 1957-02-14
Homeward Mail, 8 Aug 1865; on life in India. Archives 1957-02-15
Pamphlet: Shabby Treatment of 2 Officers by HRH The Duke of Cambridge, by Maj Mercer, 1880 (c); The Times of 2 Aug 1882, Army General. Archives 1957-02-16
Collection of 18 commissions and one letter relating to Lt Gen Charles William Morley Balders, William Morley Balders and Paymaster Charles Morley Balders and 2/Lt Arthur William Balders, 1836-1905. Archives 1957-02-22
Manuscript Diary of Siege of Lucknow between 30 May 1857-25 Sep 1857 by Capt Thomas Fourness Wilson, DAAG Oudh Field Force with list of casualties and other cuttings and documents relating to survivors and reunions; associated with the Siege of Lucknow, Indian Mutiny (1857-1859) 1857. Archives 1957-02-23
Printed memoranda on Indian Army Affairs by Gen Thomas Fourness Wilson 1880-1885, together with a commission in Bengal Staff Corps, 1868. Archives 1957-02-25
Letters from Lord Dufferin and Sir Mortimer Durand to Gen Thomas Fourness Wilson regarding army and defence, 1885 (c). Archives 1957-02-26
Printed facsimile from Gen Gordon's diary, Khartoum, 30 Jul 1884 and 21-24 Apr 1884 and printed poem: Gordon's Grave!, by Clement Scott, 1885; associated with the 1st Sudan War (1884-1885). Archives 1957-02-27
Typescript letter, 12 Oct 1954; from Hugh Lumsden to Col Boultbee discussing two letters in The Times Jan 1930 describing the origin of khaki in India by Sir Harry Lumsden; associated with the 2nd Afghan War (1878-1880). Archives 1957-02-28
Postcard photograph of 7738 Pte Thomas Ryder, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, in an unidentified camp in Germany, nd, 1917 (c); Pte Ryder is displaying signs of malnourishment; associated with World War One, POWs (1914-1918). Photographs 2007-06-4
Typed documents relating to the death of Col Montagu Hall, Royal Munsters, 1904; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 1957-02-31
Typescript transcriptions of detailed letters written by Sgt Samuel Leslie Bates, Royal Signals to his wife Ivy May between 9 Jun 1944 and 15 Sep 1945; associated with the Normandy Breakout (1944) and Victory in Europe Day (1945), World War Two, North West Europe (1944-1945) and Palestine (1945-1948). Archives 2007-06-5
Compact disc copies of the programme and associated, unedited interviews conducted by Sir Mark Tully in Britain and India for the BBC Radio 4 series, 'Stand at East', describing the Indian Army chiefly in the 1930s, during World War Two and up to 1947; associated with World War Two, Far East and India (1939-1945) and India (1945-1948). Sound Recordings 2007-06-9
Photograph, 1st Bn Royal Munster Fusiliers, Canada, 1886; portrait photographs by W Notman, Halifax, incorporated into a watercolour by J Weston, and re-photographed by F A Swaine, Southsea. Photographs 1965-02-42-4
Royal Military College Certificate for highest marks in Military Topography, 13 Jan 1903; awarded to Cadet D V M Balders; Lord Roberts made the presentation. Archives 1957-02-48
Two newspaper cuttings relating to the death of Lt Gen Sir James Yorke Scarlett at Burnley, 13 Dec 1871. Archives 1957-02-49
Documents relating to Gen Burton Foster connected with the Royal Irish Regiment, Tirah Campaign, World War One and disbandment, 1881-1922; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Archives 1957-02-63
Ten photographs of portraits of prominent military personalities, 1899 (c). Photographs 1965-02-195
Letter from Col W Johnson, 29 May 1922; to Mrs Hickley regarding the dispatch of sword belonging to her son (Sword of Honour); associated with World War One (1914-1918). Archives 1957-02-67
Article with illustrations from Pearson's Magazine by Col Sir Howard Vincent MP on the Imperial Cadet Corps for sons of Indian Rulers, 1903. Archives 1957-03-9
Eight photographs associated with Maj Gen R Dening, 19th King George's Own Lancers, 1890-1958. Photographs 1965-02-197
Bound sketchbook containing 35 pen and ink and watercolour sketches of topographical scenes in the Mediterranean, Suez Canal, and India, including views of Royal Irish Regimental messes in India; probably drawn by an officer during a journey to or from India, 1874-1875. Drawings and Watercolours 1957-03-20
Acquittance Roll, 2nd Dragoon Guards, 30 Jun 1832; with signatures or marks of the men and of Capt R Ferguson, Troop Commander. Archives 1957-03-35
Three photographs of an inspection of La Garde Franche de la Marine, Ile St Helene, Montreal, 1964. Photographs 1965-02-198
Warrant appointing Lt Col Henry Tyndall Commander of the Order of the Bath, signed by Queen Victoria, 1882. Archives 1957-04-22
Photograph of a portrait of FM Lord Roberts in full dress, 1900 (c). Photographs 1965-02-199
Photograph, sepia, mounted, of Capt W H Livens, Royal Engineers, 1914 (c). Photographs 1965-02-200
Eight commissions of Lt Col Henry Tyndell in the forces of the Honourable East India Company, Bengal Army and British Army, 1852-1878. Archives 1957-04-21
Ten photographs relating to Capt C B Judge, 2nd Gurkha Rifles and Capt E D Bellew, 7th Bn British Columbia Infantry, 1885 (c)-1915 (c); associated with portraits, groups, mace, machine gun section, subedar major. Photographs 1965-02-201
Letter signed by Lord Roberts to Col Henry Tyndall written at Camp Thule 14 Mar 1879; informs him his regiment is not included in the column advancing into Afghanistan; associated with the 2nd Afghan War (1878-1880). Archives 1957-04-23
Nine photographs, mostly associated with Madras, 1807-1929. Photographs 1965-02-202
Record of Services and other service documents relating to Col Henry Tyndall, 1857 (c)-1881 (c). Archives 1957-04-24