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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Tunic, other ranks', Royal Horse Artillery, 1900 (c). Uniforms 1953-05-94
Coatee, short-tailed, officers', full dress, 34th (or Chicacole) Madras Light Infantry, 1846-1848. Uniforms 1953-05-96
Coatee, officers', full dress, 5th Madras Native Infantry (Rifle Company), 1848-1855. Uniforms 1953-05-97
Order to Withdraw, Area of Berbera, 17 Aug 1940; with photocopy and two silver labels; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Archives 1967-06-65
Coatee, officers', full dress, 14th Bengal Native Infantry, 1846-1848. Uniforms 1953-05-98
Bound manuscript historical records of the 1st and 2nd Bns King's African Rifles, 1895-1905. Archives 1967-06-66
Coatee, officer, full dress, 43rd Regiment of Madras Native Infantry, 1846-1848. Uniforms 1953-05-99
Documents relating to Henry Hay, 2nd Bombay Lancers, 1880 (c). Archives 1967-07-9
Jacket, short frogged, officers', full dress, Unidentified, possibly Indian Cavalry, 1850 (c). Uniforms 1953-05-102
Stable jacket, officers', undress, Unidentified, possibly Indian Cavalry, 1850 (c). Uniforms 1953-05-103
Manuscript notebook inscribed on the front: Lt Hamilton, written apparently 1760 (c). Archives 1967-07-11
Coatee, officers', full dress, 25th Bengal Native Infantry (Volunteers), 1846-1848. Uniforms 1953-05-105
Patrol jacket and field service cap, Skinner's Horse, nd; dark blue cap with yellow crown, dark blue curtain and peak and yellow cloth piping. With standard gilding metal buttons with royal arms (general service). Uniforms 1953-05-154
Typescript copy of Standing Orders in the Trenches issued to section officers of the 230th Machine Gun Company, South of Gaza, 6 Sep 1917; associated with World War One, Egypt and Palestine (1914-1918). Archives 1967-07-12
Photostat copy of discharge certificate to Malcolm McLaren signed by Col A H Murray, Royal Clan Alpine Fencible Regiment on the regiment's disbanding at Stirling Castle, 24 Jul 1802. Archives 1967-07-13
greatcoat with cape, officers', Infantry, 1890-1902. Uniforms 1955-04-6
Mess jacket, drummers', native, West India Regiment, 1895-1913. Uniforms 1955-03-103
Extract from Sothebys catalogue, 4 Jul 1967; lists manuscript maps from the papers of Gen Sir Jeffrey Amherst, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces during the Canadian campaign of 1785-1763; illustrations are given of Fort Pitt and adjacent parts of Pittsburgh and of the Fort at Detroit; associated with the Seven Years War, North America (1756-1763). Archives 1967-07-14
Uniform and equipment items, 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, worn by Col W Paget Tomlinson, 1900-1925. Uniforms 1955-05-59
Uniform and equipment items, 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, worn by Col W Paget Tomlinson, 1900-1925. Equipment, uniform 1955-05-59
Uniform and equipment items, 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, worn by Col W Paget Tomlinson, 1900-1925. Badges 1955-05-59
Linen sheet: Red and White Flag Signal Code, 1st Bn 3rd Gurkha Rifles, nd; lists officers dating sheet at 1905 (c). Archives 1967-07-15
Envelope addressed to W S Churchward, Royal Artillery, 1880 (c); postmarked eleven times. Archives 1967-07-17
Documents relating to the 8th Hussars, 1880-1900; associated with the 2nd Afghan War (1878-1880). Archives 1967-07-20
Commissions and other documents relating to George Washington Gibson, 1817-1855. Archives 1967-07-21
Christies catalogue, 5 Jul 1967; offers for sale a plan of the St Lawrence River from Green Island to Cape Carrouge compiled by Capt James Cook in about 1760 including description and photograph of map; associated with Seven Years War, North America (1756-1763). Archives 1967-07-22
Programme for the Ceremonial Parade on the occasion of the official birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth held at Zomba at 10 a.m. by the 1st Bn King's African Rifles, 2 Jun 1962. Archives 1967-07-23
Manuscript letter from Edouard Detaille to William Barns Wollen, February 1894; discusses French Napoleonic uniforms. Archives 1967-07-25
Three copies: Practical Christianity, the quarterly organ of the Officers' Christian Union, 1930 (c). Archives 1967-07-26
Documents relating to Col B G Channer, 1901-1930; associated with World War One, Mesopotamia (1914-1918) Archives 1967-07-44
Manuscript general return of troops serving in the Cantonment and Garrison of Bangalore under the command of Col Robert Rollo Gillespie, May 1810. Archives 1967-07-45
Documents relating to Review of Guards Brigade by HM King George V, 28 Apr 1913. Archives 1967-07-47
Great coat, officers', Royal Dublin Fusiliers, nd. Uniforms 1956-02-989
Typescript and photostat notes on the life of Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton, nd; prepared in connection with the sale of his portrait by Copley. Archives 1967-07-48
Mess jacket and mess vest, North Staffordshire Regiment, pre 1914. Uniforms 1956-04-9
Overalls, officers', levee dress, Infantry, nd. Uniforms 1956-08-24
Three commissions of Lord Roberts Connolly Taylour, 1845-1850. Archives 1954-11-14
Seven commissions of Lord John Henry Taylour, 1849-1875. Archives 1954-11-15
Pantaloons, officers', Infantry, nd. Uniforms 1956-08-25
Overalls, officers', full dress, Infantry, nd. Uniforms 1956-08-26
Three service documents relating to Pte William James Larner, 20th Hussars and Labour Corps, 1908-1918. Archives 1954-12-20
Typescript document relating to the painting 'Lord Moira's Progress', nd; associated with the Gurkha (Nepal) War (1814-1816). Archives 1954-12-21-2
Tunic, other ranks', Royal Munster Fusiliers, pre 1914-1918. Uniforms 1958-06-60
Album of newspaper cuttings relating to the Indian contingent at the Coronation, 1911; compiled by Maj I V Battye, Queen's Own Corps of Guides. Archives 1955-01-15
Book: The Royal Dublin Fusiliers Engagement Book, by Maj A E Mainwaring, Aldershot, 1910. Archives 1955-03-8
Shell jacket, 37th Regiment of Foot, 1860 (c). Uniforms 1958-12-30
Pamphlet containing specimen Indian currency note (10 Rupees) and photograph issued on opening of the Currency Note Press at Nasik Road, India 1926. Archives 1955-04-9
Two letters and note relating to the gift of a print entitled 'The Gleaner' to Lord Roberts, July 1902. Archives 1955-04-19-2
Coatee, officers', 38th Regiment of Foot Grenadier Coy, 1848 (c). Uniforms 1958-12-58
Doublet, drummers', full dress, Gordon Highlanders, nd. Uniforms 1958-12-69
Coatee, officers', 2nd Fife L M Bn Coy, 1808 (c)-1812. Uniforms 1958-12-79
Manuscript letter from Lady Sidmouth relating to the picture 'The Glorious Conquest of Seringapatam' by Robert Kerr Porter, October 1954; associated with the Capture of Seringapatam, 4th Mysore War (1799). Archives 1955-05-1
Coatee, Royal East India Brigade, 1812 (c). Uniforms 1958-12-85
Two documents and a scrapbook relating to Sir George Robertson and the Chitral Expedition, 1895; associated with India, North West Frontier, Chitral Expedition (1895). Archives 1955-05-29
Shell jacket, possibly Civil Service Rifle Volunteers, nd. Uniforms 1958-12-88
Jacket, short frogged, possibly Rifle Brigade, 1850 (c). Uniforms 1958-12-158
Uniform, 53rd Light Infantry, possibly King's Shropshire Light Infantry, worn by Lt Col R H S Truell, 1880 (c)-1881 (c). Uniforms 1959-01-5
Bible used in orderly room 94th Regiment of Foot, pre 1855-1922. Archives 1955-05-96
Two manuscript labels, one with a map, relating to Royal Irish Regiment button relating to the 2nd Bn in the 2nd Maori War, 28 Oct 1922. Archives 1955-11-14
Tunic, office, khaki drill, British Army Staff, worn by Maj Nicolas Payan Dawnay, 1940. Uniforms 1959-01-25
Patrol jacket and slacks, Royal Lincolnshire Regiment, 1934. Uniforms 1959-01-26
One leather bound regimental order book, 2nd Bn Royal Irish Regiment, 13 Aug 1884 to 23 Jun 1885 and leather bound notebook giving statistics on North West Frontier villages and notes on fortifications and Indian troops, 1885 (c); associated with India, North West Frontier. Archives 1955-11-15-2
Tunic, khaki drill and slacks, British Army, made by Raukers, Simla, 1943; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Uniforms 1959-01-27
Tunic and slacks, pugree, Lincolnshire Regiment, made in Nasirabad, Rajputana, 1937. Uniforms 1959-01-28
Four groups of documents relating to the Royal Irish Regiment and to Gen J Burton Forster, 1884-1922; associated with the Nile Expedition, 1st Sudan War (1884-1885) and with World War One (1914-1918) and disbandment, 1922. Archives 1955-11-16
Uniform, Lincolnshire Regiment, 1935, two mess jackets, slacks, cummerbund. Uniforms 1959-01-29
Frock coat and sash, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), 1910. Uniforms 1959-02-63
Mess jacket, 2nd Volunteer Bn Manchester Regiment, 1885-1900. Uniforms 1959-07-11
Furlough certificate to Maj F L Burman, 1st Native Veteran Bn, Fort St George, India, March 1831. Archives 1956-02-35
Coatee, 3rd Garrison Battalion, 1804 (c). Uniforms 1959-07-12
Patrol jacket, captains', possibly 81st Regiment of Foot or 106th Regiment of Foot, possibly worn by Capt A J Tetley, 1881-1902. Uniforms 1959-07-19
Envelope endorsed 'Recovered from the mails looted by the Boers on 8th June', E Hibberd, Saddler Sergeant, 17th Lancers, South Africa 1900; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1956-02-36
Tunic and sash, 1st Somerset Militia, 1861-1869. Uniforms 1959-07-20
Doublet, dress uniform, King's Own Scottish Borderers, worn by Maj H R Hill, 1887-1902. Uniforms 1959-07-25
Mess jacket and mess vest, 16th Regiment of Foot, 1870. Uniforms 1959-07-35
Bound album dealing with military affairs 1813-1816; contains pages from the London Gazette, contemporary press cuttings and hand-coloured maps; associated with the Peninsular War (1808-1814), the American War of 1812 (1812-1815), the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo (1815) and the Gurkha (Nepal) War (1814-1816). Archives 1967-07-49
Leather bound album containing signatures of the officers of the 20th Hussars attending their annual dinner, 1895-1966. Archives 1967-07-50
Paper bound notebook containing notes written by John Walsh, Royal Leinsters, during the Boer War, 1900; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1967-07-53
Music score with coloured print on cover, 'The Abyssinian Galop' by John Pridham, 1867. Archives 1967-08-7
Letters and journals of Capt (later Col) William Collis Spackman, Indian Medical Service, attached to the 48th Pioneers, mostly relating to the Mesopotamia Campaign, 1914-1916; includes information concerning the Mespotamia Campaign, his capture at Kut-al-Amara in April 1915 and his subsequent captivity until 1918; associated with the Siege of Kut, World War One, Mesopotamia (1914-1918) 1915-1916. Archives 1967-09-16
Printed colour golden jubilee commemorative card mounted on board, 1887. Archives 1956-02-37-2
Hexagonal paper template for a patchwork quilt accompanying envelope and explanatory note, 1851 and note referring to a brooch, nd; items relate to Gen Leighton. Archives 1956-02-37-3
Typescript copy of a speech in Roman Urdu made by King Edward VIII when Prince of Wales, 1922; note on reverse gives the date of the speech as 1922 as Rawalpindi when he presented colours to the 1st Bn 3rd Madras Regiment. Archives 1956-02-39
Printed record of service of Col Wright Westcott Davidson, 32nd Bengal Native Infantry and 16th Irregular Cavalry, 1860 and Freedom of the City of London scroll with cylindrical box conferred on Gen W W Davidson, 1863. Archives 1956-02-47
Seventy two photographs relating to 4th Gurkha Rifles and 14th Sikhs, Chitral, 1897-1898. Photographs 1969-03-9
Manuscript message sent by electric telegraph, 11 Jun 1857; from Brig Gen Chamberlain, Muritsur, to Maj Davidson, Jullumdur, 'offering reward for heads and muskets of the Mutineers'; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 1956-02-50
Photograph of an officer cadets' group, Indian Military College, Quetta, 1917. Photographs 1969-04-56
Record of Service, certificates and warrants of Gen Sir Alan Hartley, 1901-1953. Archives 1956-02-65
Documents relating to 5/11 Sikh Regiment (47th Sikhs) including details of regimental badges, 1904-1939 (c). Archives 1956-02-67
Copy photograph of Maj G C Bloomfield, 31st Punjab Infantry, 1860 (c). Photographs 1969-05-45
Three bound manuscript notebooks compiled by H le M Fellowes at the Royal Military Academy Woolwich, 1892-1893; deal with fortifications and field engineering including bridge building. Archives 1956-02-68
Thirty photographs of the Buffs and other regiments, Manipur, Calcutta, South Africa, Nigerian Regiment, 10th Hussars, 1886-1900 (c). Photographs 1969-05-46
Nine maps relating to India and North West Frontier Province and the Suakin Expedition, 1885; collected by Maj H Le M Fellowes, 1877 (c)-1897 (c); associated with the Expedition to Suakin, 1st Sudan War (1884-1885) and India, North West Frontier. Maps 1956-02-70-8
Photograph of the famous Mahmound 'Mulla Powinda' taken in Wana, South Waziristan, 1910. Photographs 1969-05-47
Record of Service of Maj Halford le M Fellowes, 47th Sikhs, 1894-1932. Archives 1956-02-73
Five photographs, mounted on two sheets from an album, relating to 106th Hazara Pioneers, 1913; associated with shooting team group, suspension bridge, views of Shillaong. Photographs 1969-06-34
Letter, 6 Aug 1846; from Governor, Royal Military College to Capt Sandwith acknowledging the registration of his son Pierce's name in a list of candidates for admission to the College at £40 per annum. Archives 1956-02-109
Seventeen photographs, possibly collected by Col N W Barnardiston, Military Attache in France, 1900 (c)-1905; associated with portraits of British, Swedish, Belgian, German, French, Dutch and Japanese officers. Photographs 1969-06-35
Plan of Lucknow, on linen, reputedly made on Lady's underskirt with intention to smuggle through enemy lines to relieving forces, nd; associated with the Siege of Lucknow, Indian Mutiny (1857-1859) 1857-1858. Archives 1956-02-110
Cyclostyled Order of the Day by the Commandant, Royal Military Academy Woolwich on general mobilisation, 2 Sep 1939 and subsequent closure of the 'Shop'; associated with World War Two, Outbreak of War (1939-1945). Archives 1956-02-114