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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Microfilm copy of scrapbook compiled in Canada containing press cuttings, documents, photographs and notes, 1850 (c)-1902.(Original also held by NAM under same reference number) Archives 1981-06-60
Brown leather scabbard for Ross Rifle Mk II bayonet, dated 1916; with attached leather frog; associated with the Royal Canadian Engineers, World War One (1914-1918). Edged Weapons 2005-09-24
Bound volume: Headquarters Task Force B Scrapbook 1st Jan 1978; Headquarters 22nd Armoured Brigade Reformed 1st Jan 1981; contains British Army of the Rhine photographs 1979-1993; associated with the British Army of the Rhine (1945-), Gulf War (1990-1991) and Northern Ireland (1969-2007). Photographs 2005-09-38
Photocopied typescript papers by WO1 Eric Sims, Royal Engineers, on his service in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong 1942-1945; associated with World War Two, Far East (1941-1945) and POWs Far East (1941-1945). Archives 1981-07-29
Two folders of printed typescript and duplicated Actuaries Reports with typescript and manuscript minutes and notes, numbered 707-1099 (not conscecutive) of August 1900- April 1932. Archives 1981-08-8
Papers of Gen Sir Frederick Haines (1819-1909) as Commander in Chief in India 1875-1881, during the Second Afghan War, comprising letter books, printed papers and reports including discussion of military strength at Kandahur and Kabul, positions in the Khyber Pass and in the Kurram, Russian ambitions in Central Asia, and operations in Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier. Contained in forty-eight numbered volumes and bundles; associated with 2nd Afghan War (1878-1881) and North West Frontier. Archives 1981-08-9-1
VHS video film: Technical Apprentice in the Modern Army; outlines career opportunities available to a young soldier keen on joining the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME); produced by KAY/ MGM Video, 91/95 Gillespie Road, London, N5; running time eleven minutes. Film and Videos 2005-09-44
Collection of photographs which belonged to Mr David Shirreff, 1941 (c); the photographs were used by Mr Shirreff when writing his book, 'Bare Feet and Bandoliers', 1995; associated with the Liberation of Addis Ababa, World War Two, East Africa (1940-1941) 1941. Photographs 2005-09-60
Source material (77 files) collected by Lt Col Alfred J F Doulton for his book The Fighting Cock: Being the History of 23rd Indian Division 1942-47 (Gale & Polden, 1951), including original manuscripts of the book and draft notes, original records including operational accounts and reports for 23rd Division relating to Burma, Assam, Tamu Road (1944), Malaya (1945) and Java (1946), correspondence with fellow officers relating to the history, including with Lt Gen Sir R A Savory, accounts of the Imphal Campaign (1944), memoirs and histories relating to Ist Indian Infantry Brigade (1943-1946) and associated field regiments, and maps of Assam, Burma and Arakan (1944). Archives 1981-10-88
VHS colour film of a cadet lecture outlining the variety of careers open to potential Army recruits and the various regiments and corps in existence, 1985 (c); associated with Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps, Royal Artillery, Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Army Medical Corps and Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; running time around 15 minutes. Film and Videos 2005-09-71
Pattern 1857 bronze sword hilt which belonged to Col Bowder Bell, Royal Engineers, nd; has been flattened out of its original curved shape. Edged Weapons 1963-01-121
Thirty three Sealed Pattern embroidered shoulder titles of various regiments and Corps, 1943-1974. Badges 1984-08-78
Collection of papers associated with Assistant Chaplain Haydon Aldersey Taylor to his family, November 1854 to August 1855; contains original or contemporary copy letters and a typescript transcription of the collection dated 1969; associated with the Crimean War (1854-1856). Archives 2005-09-151
Three embroidered proficiency badges associated with Royal Tank Regiment, 1941; Royal Engineers, 1963; and Army Cadet Force, 1964. Badges 1984-08-79
Royal Engineers Stanley area minefield and ordnance clearance map: Situation as at 1 Jan 1986; map depicts safe and dangerous sectors around Port Stanley and Port William in East Falkland; associated with South Atlantic (Falklands War) (1982). Maps 2005-09-171
Six official photographs relating to operations by the Royal Engineers, 1st Bn The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 4th Royal Tank Regiment and the 3rd Bn Royal Anglian Regiment, in Radfan and Aden during the 1960s; associated with Aden (1964-1967) and Radfan (1964-1967). Photographs 2005-09-186
24 embroidered slip-on shoulder titles, mostly other ranks, from various units, 1938-1945 (c) Badges 1984-12-17
Badge collection of 62 items including embroidered proficiency badges, embroidered trade badges and metal trade badges; associated with Universal Pattern, Royal Tank Regiment, Guards Depot, Corps of Royal Engineers, Unidentified, Royal Artillery, Royal Signals, Cavalry and Mounted Rifles, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Guards Division, Household Division, Royal Irish Rangers (27th Inniskilling, 83rd and 87th), Territorial Army, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Scottish Regiments, Infantry, Auxiliary Territorial Service, Unidentified Rifle Regiments and Royal Tank Corps. Badges 1984-12-19
121 items, mostly formation badges, including 52 pairs associated with a variety of units, 1902 (c)-1977 (c). Badges 1984-12-20
Three certificates of 92273 Dvr Charles Hooper, 3rd Pontoon Park Royal Engineers, 15 Jul 1919- December 1944; associated with World War One (1914-1918) and World War Two (1939-1945). Archives 1979-02-10
Fifty six printed trench and other maps of France and Belgium used by Lt William Turner, Royal Engineers; associated wih World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Maps 1979-03-1
Three other ranks waistbelt clasps associated with Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1980 (c); Royal Corps of Transport, 1980 (c) and Worcestershire Regiment, 1965 (c). Badges 1984-12-22
Binoculars field glasses and case, Royal Engineers pattern, 1880 (c); made by Stanley, London. Scientific Instruments 1982-08-175
Thirteen officers buttons, twelve for the forage cap and one for the tunic; associated with Corps of Royal Engineers 1936-1952; Royal Army Service Corps, 1936-1952; Royal Army Medical Corps, 1902-1952; Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 1960 (c); Corps of Military Police, 1939 (c); Royal Flying Corps, 1916 (c); Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, 1950 (c); East Yorkshire Regiment, 1898-1936; Suffolk Regiment, 1955 (c); East Lancashire Regiment, 1898-1959 and Honourable Artillery Company of London, 1901-1911. Badges 1984-12-24
49 official photographs from World War Two, taken in 1944 and 1945; associated with the Royal Air Force and naval subjects, World War Two, Far East (1941-1945), World War Two, Italy (1943-1945) and World War Two, North West Europe (1944-1945). Photographs 2005-10-21
Microfilm copy of bound manuscript ledger: Roll of Officers of the Corps of the Royal Engineers; associated with the Royal, Bengal, Madras and Bombay Engineers, 1748-1953. Archives 1979-04-51
Diaries, journals and papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Herbert Mason (1856-1896), Royal Engineers, 1880-1896; mostly relating to service in the Sudan and on the North West Frontier of India; associated with 1st Sudan War (1884-1885) and India, North West Frontier, Black Mountain Expedition (1888). Archives 1978-09-32
Documents of Maj John Nassau Chambers Kennedy, RMC Kingston and Royal Engineers, 1884-1915; associated with the 1st Sudan War (1884-1885), Boer War (1899-1902) and World War One, Home Front (1914-1918). Archives 1979-09-19
Ten printed maps, majority bearing the autograph of Capt G H Noblett, Royal Engineers, 1904-1917; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Maps 1979-09-29
Duplicated typescript diary: '[...] diary of the travels and work of a detachment of the 101st (R Mons) Field Coy which was attached to the 12th Royal Lancers', 10 May-1 Jun 1940; associated with World War Two, North West Europe (1939-1943). Archives 1979-10-5
Nineteen regimental sweetheart brooches and badges, World War One (1914-1918), 1915-1918. Crafts 1997-08-59
Photocopies of letters written by Lt Edward Andrew Noel, 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot, 24 Nov 1845-18 Aug 1902; associated with the 1st Sikh War (1845-1846) and the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1979-10-64
Microfilm copy of documents relating to Lt Gen Sir John Macleod and his sons, 1775-1816; associated with the American War of Independence (1775-1783) and the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815).(Originals held at National Library Scotland, Acc.6770, Acc.6771, MSS.15381-15382) Archives 1979-11-56
Documents, reports and maps compiled and collected by Lt Col Geoffery Gerald Seymour Clarke, Commander of Royal Engineers 53rd (Welsh) Division; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Archives 1979-12-60
Dress of the Madras Army - Miscellaneous. One of three portfolios of uniform and badge illustrations to the Madras Army, 1846-1852. Prints 1968-07-498-3
Recruit's Completion Certificate issued to 20611 Sapper G K Gardiner by the School of Military Engineering Chatham, on the completion of a Recruit's Course of Instruction, 29 Oct 1910-12 May 1911. Archives 1980-02-8
Manuscript diary in Army Book 129, kept by Maj Gen Lewis Jones, Royal Engineers, 11 Sep 1915 - 20 Nov 1917; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 1980-06-10
Eight documents relating to Sgt Charles Ford, Royal Engineers, 1829-1892. Archives 1980-07-195
Collection of twenty-five documents relating to the career of Brig Gen Sir George Macauley, Royal Engineers, 1889-1936. Archives 1980-08-72
Word processed memoir: What's that gap in the ranks for? Memoir written and illustrated by Mr John Payne relating to his National Service with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1951-1953. Archives 2005-11-160
Bound manuscript letterbook containing copies of out-letters from Col Matthew Dixon Chief Engineer at Plymouth and Col James Bramham Chief Engineer of Plymouth Division, to the Board of Ordnance 29 Nov 1774-11 Feb 1779. Archives 1980-10-33
42 coloured aquatints and 1 watercolour from the 'Costumes of the British Army' series, 1849-1853; from a bound volume of 56 prints and 1 watercolour, with 'Costumes of the British Army' on the cover, nd. Prints 1966-11-17
Two manuscript memoranda issued for the benefit of 'Army officers on the road to Mombassa' on the progress of the rebellion by Sudanese troops in the country and its supression by British troops under Maj James Ronald Leslie MacDonald, Royal Engineers, 20 Nov-15 Dec 1897. Archives 1980-10-56
Folding printed map of the world with narrative of the overseas service of the 19th Field Survey Coy Royal Engineers, 1939-1946. Maps 1980-12-59
Two group photographs, the first of which shows a group of Cooks in 1907, including Walter Frank Hicks, possibly all members of the Royal Army Medical Corps; second photograph shows Eli Frederick Davis and other members of a Royal Engineers Battalion in the early 1930s. Photographs 2005-12-12
Brown leather covered stick that belonged to Maj Douglas Riddy, Royal Engineers, who served in World War Two (1939-1945); embossed with the initials, 'D.G.R' in gold lettering. Equipment, general 2005-12-20
One of two photograph albums of one hundred and eleven photographs, compiled by Lt Col Francis Ambrose d'Oyly Goddard, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1891-1957; contents relate to India in the 1890s, South Africa in 1902-1903 while Goddard was in intelligence and escorted delegates to Vereeniging, Ireland 1903-1907, World War One 1914-1918 when Goddard was a Railway Transport Officer and Goddard's presidency of the Army Officers' Art Society in the 1950s. Photographs 1996-09-66-2
Postcard photograph, 2nd West Yorkshire Royal Engineers Volunteers, 1910 (c). Photographs 1982-01-62
Calendar of thirteen photographs, junior soldiers receiving instruction in various trades and skills, 1981. Archives 1982-02-63
Declaration of Trust of the sum of £12,000 secured on a mortgage of land at Marham, Norfolk, by the Trustees of the Society for the benefit of the Widows of Officers of the Corps of Royal Engineers, 8 Aug 1871. Archives 1977-06-72
Fourteen papers and documents relating to the war service of Pte Anthony Allen Leach, Royal Army Ordnance Corps and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1940-1946; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Archives 1977-06-73
Twenty seven negatives photographed by Capt W A Stott, 2nd West Yorkshire Royal Engineer Volunteers, 1900-1901; associated with The Boer War (1899 -1902). Photographs 1982-03-83
Medal group awarded to Maj Douglas George Riddy, Royal Engineers: 1939-45 Star; France and Germany Star; Defence Medal; British War Medal 1939-45; and miniatures of the above; mounted together on a brooch setting; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Medals 2005-12-44
Prize medal for Electrical Engineering 1911; silver prize medal, the Armstrong Memorial Prize; awarded annually to the gentleman cadet most proficient in electrical engineering at the Royal Military Academy; awarded to Vivien Augustine Cairns Clery, later Lieutenant Colonel, MC, Royal Engineers, 1911. Medals 2005-12-49
Five photographs of the 20th Field Coy Royal Engineers, 1st Bn Connaught Rangers and Royal Dublin Fusiliers, embarking for the Boer War on the SS Bavarian at Queenstown, Ireland, 10 Nov 1899; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Photographs 2005-07-765
Private papers of Lt Gen Sir Richard Hussey Vivian, 1851-1841; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo (1815) and Carlist Wars (1833-1840). Archives 1977-09-6
One copy photograph and one photograph associated with the 36th Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps (Paddington Rifles) and the Submarine Miners Royal Engineers (Militia), 1866 (c)-1900 (c). Photographs 1982-11-146
One hundred and thirty six photographs collected by E H Leaf, Electrical Engineers, Royal Engineers (Volunteers), South Africa 1900 (c)-1902, Britain 1908-1912. Photographs 1983-03-43
Two copies of duplicated typescript transcript article: Some Recollections; written by Col Sir George Kenneth Scott-Moncrieff CIE, Royal Engineers and published in 'Blackwoods Magazine', 1904; associated with the 2nd Afghan War (1878-1880). Archives 1977-09-58
Typescript account by Maj Leslie Charles Bertram Deed DSO, Royal Engineers, of the construction of the Razmak-Tochi road, built between June 1922 and August 1923. Archives 1977-09-59
Medal group awarded to Sapper R C Biggs, Royal Engineers: 1939-45 Star; British War Medal 1939-45; Sapper Biggs was taken prisoner of war in France in 1940, he was discharged, 1946; associated with World War Two, North West Europe (1944-1945). Medals 1993-07-224
Group of 76 photographs of Canton, China taken by Cpl John Wotherspoon, Charles Parker and Lt John Ashton Papillon all in the 10th Coy Royal Engineers; associated with the 2nd China War (1856-1860). Photographs 1964-10-121
Ten miscellaneous maps of 1910-1943. Maps 1977-09-66
Photograph of Osborn William Samuel Chambers in civilian clothes Royal Engineers (Indian Army), 1890 (c). Photographs 1970-07-24
One hundred and eighteen photographs taken by Sgt Maj Robert Lyle, Royal Engineers, South Africa, 1901 (c)-1902. Photographs 1983-05-61
Photograph of a group, inscribed centre bottom '41st East Anglican Field Coy Royal Engineers, Maidenhead, 1916; and bottom right 'Photo By Panoras Company, Doughty St, WC No 628'. Photographs 1983-06-47
Papers of William Sutherland Thatcher, former officer with 10th Baluch Regiment during the First World War, covering his work on a history of the Baluch Regiment, comprised of papers collated for the history including published papers, correspondence, maps, reports, war diaries, casualty and award lists, and regimental newsletters, together with private papers relating to Lt Col W E Maxwell (1898-1950). Maps 1971-05-16
Twenty five colour transparencies associated with British Army training, 1st Bn Royal Anglian Regiment, 1st Bn Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Bn Royal Regiment of Wales, Household Cavalry, Training Squadron, 1st Bn Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Royal Corps of Transport, 1973-1980. Photographs 1983-08-78
One hundred and forty five photographs of the British Army, 1971-1981; associated with recruit training, exercises in Britain, Europe, North America, South East Asia and Caribbean. Photographs 1983-08-79
Photograph by Kilburn, 222 Regent Street; associated with Maj Charles George Gordon, Royal Engineers, full dress, 1870 (c). Photographs 1983-08-81
Bound ledger (W.O. Book 123) labeled: Receipt Register of Mathematical Instruments +c; dated between 19 Nov 1868 - 23 Mar 1915. Archives 1978-03-52
Seven photographs associated with officers group, Royal Engineers, Mesopotamia, Military balloons, Aldershot, 1898 (c)-1918. Photographs 1972-06-5
Photograph of a working party of the Royal Engineers, 1913 (c). Photographs 1972-11-9
Photocopied memoir: Notes on Army Experience; written by Pte Colin C Reid, Royal Engineers, 1915; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 1978-08-52
Thirteen photographs collected by Capt W J Kettle, Royal Engineers, 1910 (c)-1938. Photographs 1973-09-38-7
Nine photographs (mostly commercial) associated with the Royal Engineers and Boer Artillery, 1899-1900 (c). Photographs 1973-10-101
Twelve postcards and twenty seven photographs collected by Sapper P J Collings, Royal Engineers, 1913 (c)-1916. Photographs 1974-08-92
Collection of documents and letters of Lt Ewin Montague Browne Newman, Royal Engineers and Madras Sappers and Miners, 1881-1885, who was killed in action near Suakin 1885; associated with the 1st Sudan War (1884-1885). Archives 1978-10-72
Papers covering the service of Lt Col Harold Newman with the Royal Engineers and the Madras Sappers and Miners on the North West Frontier, India (1937-1943), in Burma (1942), and in Germany (1944-1946), comprised mostly of correspondence with his wife, living in India, England and Wales (including his poetry), press cuttings, and letters relating to this training at RMA Woolwich (1917-1918), including some references to his training and experiences on the North West Frontier, and to his escape from captivity in Burma (1942).; associated with India, North West Frontier (1937-1945), World War Two, Home Front (1939-1945) and Far East (1941-1945). Archives 1978-10-73
Collection of military Christmas and New Year cards, 1890 (c). Prints 1982-04-698
One of a collection of eight photograph albums compiled by Reginald Hignett Wilford, West India Regiment; contains 24 photographs from Dakar and Sierra Leone, 1901; inside front cover annotated, 'Cattie. August 1901. R.H.W.'. (Album dimensions: 141 x 134 x 26 mm). Photographs 2006-04-5
Two hundred and sixty three photographs of sketches, photographs and notes relating to Colonial Units, 1802 (c)-1956. Photographs 1981-02-15
Miscellaneous papers collected at the close of World War One by Temp Lt Hugh S Pocock, Royal Engineers; associated with World War One, Mesopotamia (1914-1918) and Peace (1914-1918). Archives 1975-03-59
Three photographs associated with Prince of Wales' Own (West Yorkshire Regiment), Honourable Artillery Company, Royal Engineers, 1870 (c)-1890 (c). Photographs 1981-01-55
Collection of letters and papers relating to Lt Douglas Bonar Elphinstone, Bombay Submarine Miners, who died in December 1892 as the result of a fall whilst delirious with fever. Archives 1975-05-74
Eight photographs relating to member of the Ford family, 1855 (c)-1917. Photographs 1980-07-194
Two postcard photographs associated with Royal Engineers Volunteers, Tyneside Division Submarine Miners, 1914 (c). Photographs 1980-07-140
Seventeen photographs of rolling stock of the Longmoor Military Railway, Bordon, Hampshire, 1950 (c). Photographs 1980-07-65
Eighteen photographs of paintings offered for sale by Parker Gallery, Dec 1974. Photographs 1974-12-120
Seven photographs associated with the Balloon Company, Royal Engineers, 1895 (c); associated with groups, portraits, balloon section on parade and gas-making process. Photographs 1975-02-57
Twenty three photographs collected by Col H L Templer, Royal Engineers, 1901; associated with portraits, groups and traction engines in use. Photographs 1975-02-58
Three negatives taken by temporary Lt Hugh S Pocock, Royal Engineers, Mesopotamia, 1917; showing Turkish prisoners of war being marched through Baghdad. Photographs 1975-03-60
Eight photographs mounted on four leaves from an album; associated with manoeuvres at a camp at Blanford Racecourse, Wiltshire, 1872. Photographs 1979-10-77
Body armour used by Capt Chris Carling, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers during Operation TELIC, Iraq (2003-2011); consists of desert pattern disruptive pattern material (DPM) cover and Lightweight Body Armour Filler Mk I; associated with Operation TELIC, Iraq (2003-2011). Armour 2006-05-6
Thirteen photographs taken from an album of Maj J N C Kennedy, Royal Engineers, 1885 (c). Photographs 1979-09-18
Plate bearing an uncoloured picture of Maj Gen Gordon wearing a fez, 1884-1885 (c); associated with the 1st Sudan War (1884-1885). Ceramics 1956-03-16
Thirty eight photographs relating to members of the Elphinstone family, 1895 (c)-1914. Photographs 1975-05-72
Collection of papers relating to the Military service of Col Edmund Augustine Burrows, Royal Artillery and his two sons, 1891-1919; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902) and World War One (1914-1918).(Printed finding aid available) Archives 1975-12-109
Four photographs and unknown number of miscellaneous documents associated with General Charles Gordon; includes last message from Khartoum and five photographs; associated with 1st Sudan War (1884-1885). Photographs 1964-06-80
Mess dress, 1895-1907; associated with Capt J A Murdoch, 1897 (c)-1907 (c), Royal Engineers (Volunteers), Submarine Miners, Tay Division; items include a shell jacket, mess vest, overalls, cape and peaked forage cap. Uniforms 1989-03-56