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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Thirteen photographs relating to Royal Engineers, Chatham, 14th Hussars, Gordon Highlanders, 1870 (c)-1900 (c). Photographs 1968-06-347
37 British Official photographs, 1944-1945; mounted on card with original associated typescript captions; covering aspects of the preparations for and liberation of North West Europe, 1944-1945, including D-Day, 1944, and the Rhine Crossings, 1945. Photographs 2006-12-103
31 British Official photographs, 1940-1943; mounted on card with organised associated typescript captions, mostly covering aspects of North Africa (1940-1943) and Eritrea (1941) and the Invasion of Crete (1941). Photographs 2006-12-104
Four colour postcards, Royal Corps of Transport Historical Illustrations, 1815-1914. Prints 1985-10-47
Ten badges, Russian Forces, collected by S/Sgt I D Arbuckle, B E M Royal Engineers, 1945-1989. Badges 1992-06-15
Button, officers', Royal Engineers, King George V, 1911-1937. Badges 1992-05-175
Five buttons, officers', Royal Engineers, 1855 (c)-1902. Badges 1992-05-174
Documents relating to the service of Sapper Collings, Royal Engineers, 1913-1925; he served with the colours from 1913-1919 and in the reserve from 1919-1925. Archives 1974-08-88
Proficiency badge, bomb disposal, Royal Engineers, standard pattern, 1961; sealed pattern, 1961. Badges 1992-02-194
Rank badge, officers', battle dress, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, standard pattern, 1953; sealed pattern, 1953. Badges 1992-02-193
Cap badge, Royal Engineers, 1943; sealed pattern, nd. Badges 1992-02-186
Badge, embroidered, Royal Engineers, embroidered by a convalescing soldier at Newlands Corner Hospital, 1914 (c)-1918. Crafts 1991-08-142
Forage cap, peaked, Royal Engineers Railway Boys, 1940 (c), sealed pattern, 1940. Uniforms 1992-08-581
Positive microfilm of eight volumes of litho-graphed plans of barracks, batteries and Martello Towers, published by the Topographical Department of the War Office, Col Sir H James, Royal Engineers, Director, between 1858 and 1867. Archives 1974-10-45
Pair of German binoculars with original leather carrying case, picked up by L/Cpl Sydney Keith Jones, Royal Engineers, World War One, Western Front (1914-1918), nd. Scientific Instruments 2007-01-10
Contents of a 'County File' folder comprising operational records compiled between 13 Sep 1916 and 19 Sep 1916 and covering the first use of tanks at Flers-Courcellette on 15 Sep 1916; from a collection of operational papers relating to the career in the Tank Corps of Major Allen Holford-Walker, 1916-1935 (c); associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Maps 2006-09-5-1
Official files and unofficial papers relating to the Korean War, compiled by Gen Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley; chiefly for the preparation of 'The British Part in the Korean War'; associated with Korea (1950-1953). Archives 2006-10-5
Medals awarded to L/Cpl S K Jones, Royal Engineers: 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-20; Allied Victory Medal 1914-19; prize medal for swimming: British Expeditionary Force Recreational Training Medal, 2nd prize 40 yards breaststroke 1917; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Medals 2007-02-5
35 manuscript letters and other related papers, 1899-1900; written by Lt J R E Charles, Royal Engineers whilst in South Africa; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1974-12-79
Photostat copy of typescript in library of Institute of Royal Engineers, Chatham, 'Mechanisation of Railless Transport, The Part Played by the Royal Engineers', nd; associated with the 2nd Ashanti War (1873-1874). Archives 1972-01-13
Colour photolithograph Christmas and New Year greetings card of the Royal Engineers, 2006; published by the Royal Engineers, 2006; with a blue and red ribbon on the left side holding inner sheet in place, and the Corps badge embossed in gold in the centre. Prints 2007-02-32
Button, officers', blazer, Corps of Royal Engineers, 1912 (c); manufactured by Pitt and Company. Badges 1985-07-80
Medal group awarded to Capt W L Gartland, Royal Signals and Royal Engineers: 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-20; Allied Victory Medal 1914-19, oakleaf; mounted on a bar; Capt Gartland was posted to the Middle East in 1941. Medals 2007-02-51
Two formation signs, Transportation Training Centre, Royal Engineers, 1947; associated with L/Cpl W K L Heath, Royal Engineers; printed badge with red diamond edged with royal blue; in the centre is a design similar to a chalice; associated with Longmoor Military Base, 1947. Badges 2007-02-58
Typescript bound copy of the Company War diary of the 98th Field Coy Royal Engineers, 11 Sep 1914 to 30 Nov 1918; previously in the possession of Maj E L V Dakin, 98th Field Coy Royal Engineers; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 2007-02-67
Engineering/ Apprenticeships/ Through Princess Marina College. Colour photolithograph poster, published 1994 (c); photographs of recruits doing various tasks; on reverse, academic entry standards. Prints 2007-02-104
REME/ The Best of Both Worlds/ Professional/ Soldier/ Professional/ Engineer. Colour photolithograph recruiting poster, 1995 (c); published by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1995 (c); photographs of life as an engineer with the Army and an image of the regimental badge. Prints 2007-02-129
One hundred and one stereoscopic photographs in box one of two entitled 'The Great War' including the official series; with stereoscopic viewer; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Photographs 1972-08-67-1
Zoauve jacket, West India Regiment and West African Royal Engineers Fortress Company, 1895-1913, sealed pattern, 1895-1913. Uniforms 1955-03-85
Seven documents relating to Sapper John Francis Smith, Corps of Royal Engineers and his service during the Boer War (1899-1902); four diaries, a commission, a compact disc with a transcript of the diaries, plus a printed version; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 2001-10-9
Sketchbook containing a series of caricatures by F N Foster, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1944; each with a place name and date, from Ranville near Caen on 23 Aug 1944 to Eindhoven, Holland on 17 Feb 1945; associated with World War Two, North West Europe (1944-1945). Drawings and Watercolours 2007-03-20
Collection of grants of knighthood, nd. Archives 1972-03-12
Clear The Way/ The Royal Engineers widening one of the U.N. convoy routes in the mountains of central Bosnia. Colour photolithograph after David Rowlands, 1995; published by Saville Fine Arts, 2000 (c); signed lower left in pencil by the artist; associated with Operation GRAPPLE, Bosnia (1991-). Prints 2007-03-25
Airmobile Sappers At Work/ 51 Field Squadron (Airmobile) Royal Engineers/ Operation HAMDEN, July-November 1995. Colour photolithograph after David Rowlands, 1995; published by Saville Fine Arts, Bristol, 2000 (c); associated with Operation HAMDEN, Bosnia (1991-). Prints 2007-03-26
Three Zoauve jackets, West India Regiment, Royal Engineers West African Fortress Company, 1913-1926, sealed patterns, 1913-1926. Uniforms 1974-03-97
Documents relating to Col A H B Hume, Royal Engineers, 1886-1907. Archives 1972-06-4
Two frock coats, three shoulder straps and three frocks, Universal pattern (except Household Cavalry, Foot Guards, Highland, Scottish and Rifle Regiments), 1910-1925, sealed pattern, 1910-1925. Uniforms 1975-12-60
Single transcript sheet: Town Commandant's Orders, signed and dated Eustace C Bishop for Town Commandant, 27 Feb 1900; penciled note added 'Taken from a Dug out at Mafeking by W S Scudamore, Coy 2 RE'; associated with the Siege of Mafeking, Boer War (1899-1902) 1899-1900. Archives 1972-10-19
Bound book containing two cyclostyled pamphlets, 1842. Archives 1973-01-62
Bound folio of 15 maps, 1882; a trigonometrical survey of the island of Cyprus executed and published by command of H E Maj Gen Sir R Biddulph; directed by Capt H H Kitchener, Royal Engineers; shading by Lt S C N Grant, Royal Engineers. Maps 1973-01-71
Collection of 62 photographs which belonged to Jack Hubbard, 6/4 HAA, Royal Artillery, 1941 (c)-1992 (c); relating to the Siege of Malta and Suez during World War Two (1939-1945). Photographs 2007-03-82
Transcript: A Personal Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny of 1857; by Mrs G Huxham, widow of Capt G Huxam, Royal Engineers; associated with the Indian Mutiny, Siege of Lucknow (1857-1859) 1857. Archives 1973-03-24
Victor 3, Muff, Londonderry/ 26 Armoured Engineer Squadron deployed as the first engineer squadron to carry out an/ Operation DESCANT construction tour ... 1994. Colour photolithograph after David Rowlands, 1995; published by Savillle Fine Arts, Bristol, 2000 (c); soldiers working on the construction of a large building; associated with Operation DESCANT, Northern Ireland (1969-2007). Prints 2007-04-19
The Independent Field Troop AMF(L)/ Royal Engineers/ 1973-1995/ The Independent Field Troop provided engineer support to the UK element of the/ Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (Land), and deployed annually to Norway for Arctic Warfare Training./ This painting, depicting its final exercise, was commissioned to mark the disbandment of the Troop on 31st March 1995. Colour photolithograph after David Rowlands, 1995; published by Savillle Fine Arts, Bristol, 2000 (c). Prints 2007-04-20
7 Armoured Workshop Company REME/ Operation GRAPPLE/ Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia-Herzegovina/ October 1992-May 1993. Colour photolithograph after David Rowlands, 1994; published by Saville Fine Arts, Bristol, 2000 (c); soldiers prepare long range weapons in a densely wooded and muddy landscape; associated with Bosnia (1991-). Prints 2007-04-29
Two patrol jackets, warrant officers' or senior NCOs', Unidentified, 1875 (c). Uniforms 1977-09-19
Documents relating to the service of James Cole, Royal Engineers, 1867-1896. Archives 1973-07-15
Photostat copy of Discharge Certificate of Sgt Kester Knight, Royal Sappers and Miners, Chatham, 6 Feb 1869. Archives 1969-08-15
Ten uniform items, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Army Catering Corps, Universal pattern, Yeomanry, 1913 (c)-1968 (c). Uniforms 1981-03-5
Ten uniform items, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Army Catering Corps, Universal pattern, Yeomanry, 1913 (c)-1968 (c). Equipment, uniform 1981-03-5
Mess jacket, mess vest and overalls, sergeants' and officers', Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Infantry, worn by Sgt J A Spencer, 1960 (c)-1972 (c). Uniforms 1982-05-132
Five uniform items, Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Rifle Regiments, Universal pattern, 1944-1975 (c). Uniforms 1982-07-77
Printed pamphlets, 1871-1895. Archives 1970-05-23
Fifteen uniform and equipment items, Universal pattern, Army Cadet Force, Corps of Royal Engineers, Unidentified, American Forces, 1908-1975 (c). Equipment, uniform 1982-10-102
Medal group awarded to Col Stuart Gilbert, Royal Engineers; with miniatures; both sets mounted upon brooch fittings. Medals 2007-05-3
Documents relating to Osborn William Samuel Chambers, Madras Engineers and Royal Engineers, 1845-1863. Archives 1970-07-7
Portrait of Muriel Watson, ATS, 1942. Pencil and crayon drawing by Geoffrey Wickham, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1942; drawn while the artist was at Gopsall Hall, Leicestershire, the secret location for training radar technicians; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Drawings and Watercolours 1995-05-3
Printed report on Signalling Operations, South Afghanistan Field Force, 25 Nov 1880; by Lt H O Selby, Royal Engineers; associated with the 2nd Afghan War (1878-1880). Archives 1953-01-17
Cigarette box made by Gnr Sydney Garwood, Royal Artillery (TA) in Indo-China (Vietnam) while he was a prisoner of war of the Japanese, 1939-1945; wood, bone and metal box made by Sydney Garwood, 1942 (c); with Royal Engineers badge in the centre of the lid and badge of the Royal Artillery on either side; associated with World War Two, Far East (1939-1945). Crafts 2007-05-48
The Royal Engineers opening the way through the minefields at the Battle of El Alamein on the/ night of 23rd October, 1942, from the original by Terence Cuneo. Colour photolithograph after Terence Cuneo, 1942 (c); published 1945 (c); associated with the Battle of El Alamein, World War Two, North Africa (1940-1943) 1942. Prints 2007-05-50
Officer's service dress cap badge, Royal Engineers, 1939 (c)-1952 (c) and formation badge, HQ 21st Army Group, 1944 (c); also worn by staff of British HQ in Germany, 1945 (c); associated with Col Stuart Gilbert, Royal Engineers; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Badges 2007-05-80
Four postcard photographs, 1900 (c)-1905 (c); associated with Royal Engineers, the King of Portugal, Duke of Connaught, Horace Waters and Bandsman Percy May. Photographs 1968-10-72
Thirty five photographs of portraits of officers and non-commissioned officers, 1856 (c)-1896 (c). Photographs 1969-02-18
Three notebooks of Sir Ronald Charles, Royal Engineers, 1900; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1967-06-6
Manuscript diary of Gen Arthur Reid Lempriere dealing mainly with his experience with the Royal Engineers in Canada, 1860 (c). Archives 1967-09-70
Typescript: A Brief Account of the Divisional Engineers, 1st Armoured Division, 1939-1940; compiled by Maj Gen H Williams in 1951; associated with World War Two, N W Europe (1939-1943). Archives 1967-10-5
Ninety four photographs collected by Capt Maj Walter Edward Coltham, Royal Engineers, Indian Army, 1918 (c)-1928. Photographs 1973-06-117-3
Plans, nd but probably 1914 (c); show the Infirmary Stables at the Royal Engineers Barracks, Aldershot. Archives 1967-10-31
Press cutting from The Sunday Times, May 1941; reproduces item from copy dated 14 May 1841 relating to the issue of a prototype percussion musket to the Royal Engineers. Archives 1968-01-47
Commissions to Charles W Grant, Bombay Engineers, 1823-1843. Archives 1968-03-48
Printed sheet: Roll of Officers of the Corps of Royal Engineers of Ireland, 1760-1801 together with a printed extract from Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy: The Ancient Forts of Ireland, nd. Archives 1968-06-22
Leather bound manuscript order book, Garrison Orders, Chatham, 13 April- 13 July 1816. Archives 1968-07-4
Cloth bound manuscript letterbook of the Pontoon Train commanded by Maj W B Tylden, Royal Engineers, during the Waterloo Campaign, 19 May 1815 to 6 Jan 1816; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo (1815). Archives 1968-07-102
Leather bound manuscript of a Biography of Gen Sir Charles Pasley, his family and his career by Col J C Tyler, 1923. Archives 1968-07-167
CD of 47 digital images of 20th Armoured Brigade deployment in Iraq, Operation TELIC 8, 2006. [PARTIALLY CLOSED] Photographs 2007-06-8
Nine photograph relating to Charles George Gordon, 1860-1900 (c); associated with portraits, uniform, as a child, parade, Gordon Boy's School, groups including Col E Stanton CB, Maj C G Gordon, Capt C E Harvey, Royal Engineers. Photographs 1964-03-6
Four postcard photographs of individuals and groups in service dress, 1914 (c)-1917 (c). Photographs 1964-03-30
Bound manuscript Order Book of an Engineer Unit in Gibraltar during the Siege, February to May 1783; associated with the Siege of Gibraltar, Gibraltar (1779-1783). Archives 1968-07-259
Parchment bound manuscript General Order Book of the Pontoon Train while serving in Paris, August 1816 to February 1818; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo (1815). Archives 1968-07-274
Photograph, sepia, mounted, of Capt W H Livens, Royal Engineers, 1914 (c). Photographs 1965-02-200
Three photographs of riflemen and an airship, 1860 (c)-1910 (c). Photographs 1965-05-96
Fifty two photographs in a box file, taken by 10th Coy Royal Engineers, Abyssinia, and collected by Sir Stafford Northcote, Secretary of State for India, 1868; associated with British Expedetionary Force to Abyssina, base camp, groups, topography, local artefacts. Photographs 1965-10-222
Commissions to Lt Gen George Williamson 1747-1772, Lt Gen Sir Adam Williamson 1736-1798, Capt William Ince 1708, Lt Col John Elliott August 1803 and Lt Joseph Lancaster Wetherall 1870. Archives 1968-07-432
Cloth bound manuscript letterbook of Maj Tylden commanding the Pontoon Train in France, 1815-1816; associated with the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo (1815). Archives 1968-07-491
Full glass bottle of 'Task Force Special Ale', nd, 1982 (c); belonged to Maj P R O Jones, Royal Engineers; Maj Jones served during the Falklands War and later with the Black Watch Regiment; produced by Newcastle Breweries on behalf of 'The Sunday Mirror' newspaper during the Falklands War; associated with the South Atlantic (Falklands War) (1982). Equipment, general 2007-07-7
Papers of Gen Hunter-Weston, Royal Engineers, 1862-1918; associated with India, North West Frontier, Miranzai Expeditions (1891); associated with the Boer War (1899-1902); associated with World War One (1914-1918). Archives 1965-03-39
Four portrait and group photographs relating to the service of L/Cpl Sydney Keith Jones, S.20 Airline Section, G Corps Signals Coy Royal Engineers Signal Service; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Photographs 2007-07-26
Two diaries, December 1915 to August 1918, and service papers relating to the service of L/Cpl Sydney Keith Jones, S.20 Airline Section, G Corps Signals Coy, Royal Engineers Signals Service on the Western Front, 1914-1920; associated with the Battle of the Somme, World War One, Western Front (1914-1918) 1916. Archives 2007-07-27
Three commissions to W G B Wollen as temporary Second Lieutenant 1917, William Barns Wollen as Lieutenant 1886 and J G Wollen as Ensign 1838. Archives 1965-10-103
Two commissions and the Times obituary of Henry Meredith Leaf, Royal Engineers, 1877-1931. Archives 1965-10-110
Bulk head light/ lamp from Spandau prison, nd; taken as a souvenir by Capt Peter O Jones, 21 Coy 38 (Berlin) Field Sqn Royal Engineers in 1987 before the prison was demolished; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Equipment, general 2007-07-30
Trench map printed by Field Survey Coy, Royal Engineers, 4 Nov 1917; scale 1:10,000; shows the area of Goudberg; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Maps 1966-02-57
Two printed copies of correspondence between Lord Dalhousie and the Duke of Wellington on Punjab Campaign between 1848 and 1849 together with a coloured sketch showing the dispositions of Battle of Chillianwalla by Lt J S Irwin, Engineers, nd; associated with the Battle of Chilianwala, 2nd Sikh War (1848-1849) 1849. Archives 1957-10-34
Four photographic portraits, 1885 (c)-1935 (c). Photographs 1965-11-103
Nine photographs collected by Col F E G Skey, Royal Engineers, India, 1892-1893; associated with officers' group, other ranks, bridge building, assembling a pontoon bridge. Photographs 1966-02-131
Photostat copy of a sketch map by Capt Mould, Royal Engineers, showing action at Mahoetahi, 6 Nov 1860; associated with the 2nd and 3rd Maori Wars (1860-1872) 1869. Maps 1966-12-26
Manuscript memoirs of Col J J Grove, nd; associated with World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 1963-08-14
Thirty equipment and badge items, various regiments, 1820-1910 (c). Badges 1963-06-62
Fifty four cloth samples, various regiments, relating to uniforms and facings from O'Roberts Military Tailors, 1903 (c)-1914 (c). Uniforms 1963-09-43
Fifty six cloth samples, various regiments, 1890 (c)-1920 (c). Uniforms 1963-09-45