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Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
Papers relating to WO1 Henry Albert Terrell, Royal Engineers, 1924-1957: attestation form; certificates; regulations; letters; warrant; identity card. Archives 2000-09-54
Eight regular army recruiting brochures, 1980-1993 (c). Archives 2000-09-57
Album of copy photographs with typescript annual lists, students, Staff College, 1876-1905. (Album dimensions: 31 x 27 x 4 cm). Photographs 1982-04-411
75th Anniversary 1912 1987, 1987 (c). Commemorative bone china plate; manufactured by Wedgewood, England, 1987 (c); gilt line at the rim with the badge of the Royal Engineers in the centre and three leaves of foliage inscribed 'R E A' (Royal Engineers Association) round the edge; with laminated certificate, in original cardboard box. Ceramics 2000-10-694
Photograph album containing 246 photographs and 8 loose items (in secol bags), compiled by Brig Cecil Aubrey Dixon, 1926-1929 (c); showing family, friends, socials scenes and the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment. Photographs 2000-10-714
Three group photographs relating to 2/Lt Frederick P Andrews, Royal Engineers, India 1941-1942. Photographs 2000-11-61
MAJOR WILLIAM NICHOLAS Royal Engineers, 1812. Stipple engraving by E Scriven, after Lt B Pym, publisher unknown, 1812 (c); bust length portrait in uniform. Prints 2000-11-97
Formation badge, 1940 (c); associated with 1033 Port Operating Group Royal Engineers, 3rd Canadian Infantry and Lt D G Riddy, Royal Engineers. Badges 2000-11-141
Typescript memoirs of L/Cpl Stanley V Jones, South Lancashire Regiment, Royal Engineers, 1938-1946; Jones served during World War Two. Archives 2000-11-149
The Battleaxe Trophy of 78 Division Battleaxe Club; made by Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of 11th Brigade, Minden, British Army of the Rhine, 1958; made of brass and contained in an oak chest, with green baize covered fitting within to keep secure; on wooden plinth. Crafts 2000-11-182
Collection of 53 photographs of the sports teams of the Staff College, Camberley, 1890-1994. Photographs 2000-11-183
Eleven postal orders date stamped either 1898 or 1899, Cape Town, Kimberley, Cradock (Cape Colony), East London, Port Elizabeth (Natal) and Bloemfontein (Orange Free State); contained in an envelope addressed to Sgt J M Gillanders, Pay Sergeant of the 6 Coy Royal Engineers, Fourteen Streams, South Africa, Jun 1900. Archives 2000-11-184
Papers relating to 22nd Armoured Brigade, 1980 (c)-1991 (c): certificates; history; first day cover; poetry. Archives 2000-12-586
R.E.M.E. WORKSHOPS- NO SMOKING INSIDE THIS AREA, 1948 (c). Pencil drawing, signed 'CEN', by Charles W Ende, 1948 (c); associated with the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Drawings and Watercolours 2000-12-645
Album of 284 photographs compiled by 2nd Lt Richard Tennant Cooper, 16th Bn Middlesex Regiment, 1914-1916, 10th Cadet Bn and 16th Bn Hampshire Regiment, 1916, Royal Engineers, 1916-1919. Associated with World War One (1914-1918). Photographs 1993-02-375
Album of 186 photographs of India and Burma, compiled by Peter Prince, RE, 1945-1946. Photographs 1995-03-23
Three volumes of genealogical studies on three generations of the Gardiner family, compiled by Mr Douglas Gardiner, 1990-1993: Col Richard Gardiner, 76th Regiment (1793-1871); Lt Col Richard Gardiner, Royal Engineers, (1846-1918); Brig Richard Gardiner, 3rd Sikhs, Punjab Frontier Force, (1874-1957). Photographs 2000-12-665
Album of 79 photographs compiled by Maj Gwilym Ewart Rowland, Royal Engineers and 53rd (Welsh) Division, 1944-1946; Normandy Landings to the capitulation and occupation of Germany, May 1946, World War Two, North West Europe (1944-1945). (including 3 loose photographs). Photographs 1994-04-89
22 photographs associated with a Staff College Demonstration, Static Display in Sennelager 1985 and 1990, including aerial views of the stands and examples of Engineer and other equipment. Photographs 1993-01-148
Three photographs relating to No 38 Division Signal Corps, Solan, 1917, Lahore, 1918, and the Khyber Pass, India, North West Frontier, 1919; associated with World War One, India (1914-1918). From the collection of the former Buffs Regimental Museum. Photographs 2001-01-325
Two Short Magazine Lee-Enfield pull troughs, 1916 (c); associated with 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers, World War One (1914-1918). Equipment, general 2001-01-398
Shell fragment, 1916; note with the fragment states that it hit the helmet of 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers, on 16 Aug 1916, World War One (1914-1918). Ammunition 2001-01-399
Anti-tear gas goggles, pattern 1915, 1915 (c); associated with 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers; from the gas respirator devised by Lt Bartley; the inner part is made of rubber and the exterior soaked in linseed oil, brown with green straps; in a green pouch. Scientific Instruments 2001-01-400
Anti-tear gas goggles, pattern 1915, 1915 (c); associated with 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers; from the gas respirator devised by Lt Bartley; the inner part is made of rubber and the exterior soaked in linseed oil, brown with green straps; in a green pouch. Equipment, general 2001-01-400
Housewife, nd; associated with 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers; blue housewife; contains: needle; yarn; pin; three large buttons; three small buttons; thimble. Equipment, general 2001-01-401
Jack knife, 1890; belonged to 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers; made by Joseph Haywood, Sheffield, nd; horn handle with buffalo horn and string attached; note accompanying the knife is inscribed, '1st Jack Knife Corps of Royal Engineers 7th July 1890' and 'Jack knife given to Teddy [Sgt Jones' son]'. Edged Weapons 2001-01-403
Three pieces of rock from Gibraltar, in brown leather case, 1902 (c); associated with 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers; case also holds a note describing the rock. Equipment, general 2001-01-402
Officers of the British Army, No 15, 2000. Christmas card, colour lithograph reproduction artwork by Mansion and Eschausier from Spooner's Upright Series, 1830 (c), published by The Royal Engineers Museum, 2000; mounted Royal Engineers officer at front, rural background with other figures, some in uniform. Prints 2001-01-388
Nameplate, 1914-1918 (c); associated with 24944 Sgt Louis Henry Jones, Royal Engineers; made of metal with four holes for screws (?); two pieces of paper attached by string to the nameplate state that it was from a badly demolished farm house in Aix Noulette; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Equipment, general 2001-01-404
Three photographs of the grave of Lt Col William Aldworth, Commanding Officer 2nd Bn Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, killed at Paardeburg, 18 Feb 1900, Boer War (1899-1902); one photograph of the wedding of Harry G Gandy, Royal Engineers, at Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, 23 Jun 1921; one photograph of First Aid Nursing Yeomanry with which Miss K O Aldworth served, 1940 (c). Archives 2001-01-416
Album of 76 photographs, including many taken by Sapper Thomas Shepherd, South African Engineers, 1914; photographs depict the operations of the South African Engineers in German South West Africa. Photographs 1995-06-52
Two envelopes containing letters, 1945 and 1946; the envelopes bear Royal Army Medical Corps crests, endorsed 'Forces Mail' to Great Britain, b/s d/r '72'; both letters are from Lt Wilfred H Weedon, Royal Engineers, Officer Convalescent Depot, Lebong, Darjeeling, India. Archives 2001-01-512
Identity tag of Maj William Gordon Stewart, Singapore Royal Engineers, when held as a Japanese prisoner of war, World War Two, Far East (1941-1945), 1944-1945; made of bamboo and lace. Equipment, general 2001-01-526
282 photographs collected by 2Lt R T Cooper, 16th Bn Middlesex Regiment 1914-1916, 10th Cadet Bn and 16th Bn Hampshire Regiment, 1916, Royal Engineers, 1916-1919. Photographs 1993-02-376
Memoir: The Thunder of Warfare, 1937-1961; written by Maj Peter Baskerville Rance of his military career with the Corps of Royal Engineers in Burma, 1937-1961, and with the Territorial Army Engineers thereafter; includes a short memoir of his father Sgt George Rance, MBE, Rifle Brigade, relating to his time garrisoning the Andaman Islands in 1916. Archives 2001-02-134
Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. Hand painted and carved shield-shaped plaque, 1950 (c); adhesive label inscribed, 'Hunter & Smallpage Limited York' on back, probably vendor; associated with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; depicts a rearing horse standing on a globe, a crown above, on a striped navy, red and gold ground, an inscribed gold ribbon below the whole. Crafts 2001-02-139
100 stereoscopic photographs of the Western Front, World War One (1914-1918), nd. From the collection of the former Buffs Regimental Museum. Photographs 2001-02-256
The Harrison Lectureship Medal, commemorating Lt Col E F Harrison CMG, Corps of Royal Engineers, 1868-1918; awarded to Henry Hallet Dale in 1932. Medals 2001-02-355
Photograph album containing 84 photographs relating to World War One 1914-1918 and the Army of Occupation, Germany 1919. Compiled by Lieutenant Colonel A F Logan MC, East Surrey Regt and 21st Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry. Themes include the Western Front, India and the Royal Flying Corps. First of three albums. Photographs 1995-06-89-1
Riding whip, 1918; made by Swaine and Adeney Limited, London; shaft made of rattan cane with plaited leather strips and a fabric extension attached to it; antler handle and grip with notch; metal band underneath the handle inscribed with owners name Lt E Walker, Corps of Royal Engineers, and date, 1918. Equipment, general 2001-02-361
Helve for a Royal Engineer's shovel, 1962 (c). Equipment, general 1993-08-259
Medal group awarded to 4288 Sgt James Smith, 1st Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment): Victoria Cross; India Medal 1895-1902, 2 clasps: Relief of Chitral 1895, Punjab Frontier 1897-98; Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Army, George V issue. From the collection of the former Buffs Regimental Museum. Medals 2001-02-432
Metal key disk, nd; used to be attached to key(s) for the Royal Engineers' Office Garage No 3; the keys were issued to Brig J F Godwin. Equipment, general 2001-02-470
Album of 595 photographs depicting the building of the Isha-Razmak road on the North West frontier of India, Sept 1922-Jan 1924; the album was compiled by two brothers of the Royal Engineers, Lt Millis Rowland Jefferis and Capt Arthur Reginald Jefferis and is fully annotated. Photographs 1995-09-1
Album of 131 photographs compiled by Sgt G A B Swords, Royal Engineers, while stationed in India, 1914-1918(c); themes include barracks, a hospital ship and a temple; locations include Amritsar, Lahore, Agra, Delhi, Lal Bagh, and Nanmad India. Photographs 1995-11-345
15 photographs collected by Sapper G Penman, Royal Engineers, Northern Ireland, 1970-1979 (c); including examples of detonation devices, a case metal charge Magilligan Point, a polaroid photograph of a case metal charge, a recovered rifle and a wreck of a booby-trapped car with dead bodies in situ. Photographs 1994-10-55
Ninety 35mm colour transparencies of 1st Field Squadron, Royal Engineers in Operation GRAPPLE 2, Bosnia, 1993; with typescript commentary. Photographs 1995-11-307
Photograph of troops, possibly the Royal Engineers, on parade, with tents in the background, 1890 (c). Photographs 1994-12-133
Three photographs, two portraits and one group, collected by Bill Granger, 205 Field Coy, Royal Engineers, 1920-1940. Photographs 1994-12-134
74 copy photographs from originals taken by Captain Edward K Deeming, 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars during the campaign in North West Europe, 1945, World War Two, 1939-1945. Photographs 1995-04-28
Native Gurkha Kukri knife, 1920 (c); in wooden, black leather covered scabbard; with sharpening knife and knife for skinning animals; decorative markings of Union Jack flag design incised in leather; belonged to 2/Lt Eric Percy Giles, Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, and brought back by him from India in 1945. Edged Weapons 2001-03-30
Group photograph of 226 Field Coy RENEF, 1915. Photographs 1993-04-244
41 photographs relating to unidentified battalions of the Middlesex and other regiments in the Belfast Strike, 1911 (c), and World War Two, North West Europe, 1944-1945. Photographs 1993-04-261
Portrait photograph of Brig Frederick Theodore CIE MVO VD, Indian Engineers, 1939 (c). Photographs 1993-06-62
15 colour photographs of groups of British troops on service with United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) Bosnia, and based in Vitez, Bosnia, 1994 (c). Photographs 1995-12-163
7 photographs collected by Sapper H Rigby, Royal Engineers, probably taken in France, 1915 (c). Photographs 1993-08-114
Twelve photographic prints of Indian Mutiny scenes, some taken by LCpl E W Jones, Royal Engineers, 1858; associated with the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Photographs 1993-10-218
Album of 158 photographs compiled by Maj Gen, later Lt Gen, Sir William H Stratton, Royal Engineers, 1938-1953 (c). Photographs 1992-12-87
Medal group, awarded to 2/Lt Ivor Arthur Chasemore Herne, Royal Engineers: 1939-45 Star; Burma Star 1941-45; Defence Medal 1939-45; British War Medal 1939-45. Medals 2001-03-145
Album of 46 photographs compiled by Captain (later Major) T F S Davis, Royal Artillery, illustrating his service in Mesopotamia and India, 1917-1919 (c), World War One; subjects include a concert party, informal groups, troops, formed up, portraits, horse racing, topographical views, Royal Engineers bridging, Indian Mountai Artillery, Turkish Prisoners. Photographs 1996-08-374
19 postcard photographs of World War One vintage, mostly depicting a Territorial Royal Engineer unit in camp, but including at least two Artilllery groups, 1914-1918 (c). Photographs 1992-04-82
27 photographs and 5 illustrations from magazines collected by Sgt C F Hedges, Royal Engineers, 1914-1918 (c). Photographs 1992-04-211
One of two photograph albums of eight one photographs, compiled by Lt Col Francis Ambrose d'Oyly Goddard, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1891-1957; contents relate to India in the 1890s, South Africa in 1902-1903 while Goddard was in intelligence and escorted delegates to Vereeniging, Ireland 1903-1907, World War One 1914-1918 when Goddard was a Railway Transport Officer and Goddard's presidency of the Army Officers' Art Society in the 1950s. Photographs 1996-09-66-1
19 photographs mainly showing camps, probably in the United Kingdom, 1912 (c); relating to and collected by Sergeant G A B Swords. Photographs 1996-01-46
63 colour photographs relating to British Forces in Bosnia, 1992-1994. Photographs 1996-02-238
Storming of the Gateway, Magdala, 13 April 1868. Watercolour by Lt Cornelius Francis (Frank) James, Bombay Staff Corps, 1868. The attack on the Kaffir Bir gateway by the 10th Company Royal Engineers supported by K Company Madras Sappers and Miners, and the 33rd Duke of Wellington's Regiment; associated with Abyssinia (1868). Drawings and Watercolours 1959-08-86
5 photographs collected by Louis Jones, Royal Engineers, 1900 (c); themes include Jones' family, and in Gibraltar parade, a market, warships, and views. Photographs 1996-02-258
5 photographs taken by 10th Coy Royal Engineers with the Suakin Field Force, 1885; associated with the 1st Sudan War, 1884-1885. Photographs 1992-04-288
Photograph of the Royal Engineers at work using a crane, possibly bridge-building, 1939-1945. Photographs 1992-04-289
Collection of 1701 photographs taken by Gale and Polden, Aldershot, showing British regiments and corps, including uniform, kit layouts, mascots, tattoos, portraits of monarchs and soldiers and ceremonial photographs, including the 1937 and 1953 Coronations. Photographs 1992-10-143
15 letters, other communications and enclosures addressed to Capt Francis Cobb, Margate Volunteers, 1796-1810; mostly sent from the Ordnance Board and Adjutant-General's Office. Archives 2001-04-56
Photographs World War Two, Far East (1941-1945). From the Burma Campaign Collection of R Moffatt. Including 15 photographs relating to Korea (1950-1953). Photographs 1989-04-117-321
28 photographs collected by M J Wolff, Royal Engineers Search Detachment, principally relating to South Africa, 1907 (c). Photographs 1992-06-128
Defence Medal 1939-45 awarded to Sgt H E Leney, probably Corps of Royal Engineers. From the collection of the former Buffs Regimental Museum. Medals 2001-04-226
Territorial Efficiency Medal awarded to WR 35912 Sgt H E Leney, Corps of Royal Engineers. From the collection of the former Buffs Regimental Museum. Medals 2001-04-227
Photograph of Japanese officer's sword presented to 92 (RB) Field Coy Indian Engineers, 19 Feb 1945; shown as the sword appears in the Poona Mess Ante-Room, incorporating photographs of the 20th Indian Division insignia, Jemedars and Mess, Royal Bombay Sappers and Miners, 1943. Photographs 1992-07-142
Postcard of Paris sent by Craftsman Bert Newman (?), No. 6 Line of Communication, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, British Liberation Army, 1944 (c). Photographs 1992-10-44
19 photographs collected by Gen R W G H Stone; associated with the Royal Engineers, 1895 (c)-1945. Photographs 1989-08-167
3 photographs collected by Driver Ray Lamb, Royal Signals, relating to utility and command vehicles in use from 1949-1954. Photographs 1992-10-48
Allied Victory Medal 1914-19 awarded to Pte Robert Todd, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), Manchester Regiment, Royal Engineers. From the collection of the former Buffs Regimental Museum. Medals 2001-05-122
Postcard, embroidered with text, 'RE', for the Royal Engineers, 1916 (c); made in France; with six flags of the Allied Nations, tied together with a tricolour bow and joined with a laurel wreath; a horse shoe at the centre; sent by Tpr Thomas Long, North Irish Horse. Crafts 2001-05-222
283 photographs collected by Lt Col Victor Charles Alexander Munckton; relating to 1/6th Hampshire Battery Royal Field Artillery, 1914-1917; Skinner's Horse, 1917-1923; 1/7th and 14/7th Rajput Regiment, 1923-1946; includes photographs relating to the Bramble Family; associated with World War One, India (1914-1918). Photographs 1996-08-203
Flag used by Royal Engineer Wing at the Royal Armoured Corps Centre, 1965 (c). Flags and Colours 1975-06-36
Dhal; shield; shallow dished hide, surface decorated with green, brown, white and copper lustrelacquer; badly chipped; ornamental metal bosses, knuckle cushion covered in red fabric; said to have been obtained in Kathiawar in 1865 by Capt Charles Thomas Haig, Royal Engineers. Armour 1951-05-2
Dhal; shield; red ground painted with designs, four metal bosses; chipped badly; said to have been obtained in Kathiawar in 1865 by Capt Charles Thomas Haig, Royal Engineers. Armour 1951-05-3
Dhal; shield; green ground painted with designs, four metal bosses with tuft of hair; carrying strap and red knuckle cushion; chipped and peeling; inscription inside relating to Capt Charles Thomas Haig, Royal Engineers. Armour 1951-05-4
Video: Training for War - Working For Peace. British Defence Film Library video, produced for the Royal Engineers in 1997. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 2001-05-361
Eight die stamps used by armourers at Weedon to mark any weapon inspected or repaired: 'W' in large star; 'W' in small star; HS in circle (H Sidwell); DP; asterisk; 'L'; 'S'. Equipment, general 1965-01-44
Video: Ubique. British Defence Film Library video produced for the Royal Engineers in 1998. [RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 2001-05-404
The Royal Engineers (with B.I.T.C.).British Defence Film Library video produced in 1998; C 054/97; 26 mins duration.[RESTRICTED] Film and Videos 2001-05-437
Half-length photographic portrait of Craftsman Henry Clifford Lummus, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1943 (c). Photographs 1989-10-73
Bound collection of aquatints by J C Stadler after Charles Hamilton Smith from Charles Hamilton Smith's 'Costumes of the Army of the British Empire, according to the last regulations 1812', published by Colnaghi and Co, 1812-1815. Prints 1950-11-33
8 photographs associated with the Royal Engineers, 1940-1960 (c); subjects include a group of Sappers, Sapper McAra with his sisters, a football team, Harold Scruton and family and private photographs. Photographs 1989-12-49
Photograph of Sappers Daniel McAra and Alan Owen and Miss Peggy Gaulton watering the garden of a billet in Derby, 1940; associated with the Royal Engineers and France, World War Two; inscribed on verso. Photographs 1990-01-51
24 photographs, 1860 (c)-1941 collected by Col S C Tomlin OBE, MC; subjects include portraits of Master Gunners 1860 (c) and 1896, groups, Royal Artillery, regular and Territorial Army 1886-1941, and coastal artillery 1940 (c). Photographs 1987-08-28
Named group photograph that belonged to 2/Lt Eric Percy Giles, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; shows C. C. 69 D. Coy Officers' Training School, Bangalore, Feb 1945; 2/Lt Giles is also pictured; inscribed with title. Photographs 2001-06-101
Photograph of a formal group including Cpl A Crossland, Royal Engineers; photographed by J T Cumming; associated with the 3rd China War, 1900-1901; printed above and below photograph. Photographs 1990-05-2
45 documents and ephemera relating to Col B W K Goode of the Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire): typed information about the Hewett family who variously served in the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 6th Bn South West Borderers, Royal Marines and Royal Engineers; also includes documents connected to the Payler family, in-law relations of the Goode family and printed records of the Goode family. Archives 2001-06-133
Eight photographs associated with the Good family, 1900 (c)-1945 (c); subjects include L/Bdr Arthur Good, 124th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, MEF, Dvr Francis Good, Royal Corps of Signals, Singapore Fortress Signals and 3 (I) Corps Signals, Malaya and Bdr George Hewitt Good, 124th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, MEF, World War Two (1939-1945). Photographs 2001-06-225
Two sound cassettes: 'The Day The War Ended', covering 1945-1949; recounted by John Booth, Green Howards, Royal Army Service Corps, Yeovil, Somerset, 1945-1946, and Royal Engineers, Oxford, and Brunswick, Germany 1946 (c)-1948. Sound Recordings 2001-06-136