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English Mortuary sword, 1650 (c)

NAM. 1993-10-119-1

Sword, mortuary

Subadar Khudadad Khan VC (1888-1971), 10th Baluch Regiment, 1952

NAM. 1956-02-273-1

Oil painting

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England, 1650 (c)

NAM. 1988-11-1-1

Oil painting

General George Monk, 1st Duke of Albemarle, 1665 (c)

NAM. 1985-02-1-1

Oil painting

King George II at the Battle of Dettingen, 27 June 1743

NAM. 1961-07-116-1

Oil painting

Brigadier-General Hugh Lyle Carmichael, 2nd West India Regiment of Foot, 1809 (c)

NAM. 1964-11-22-1

Oil painting

The Battle of the Boyne, 12 July 1690

NAM. 1975-08-50-1

Oil painting

Cap badge, Lieutenant John Silvester Colbourne, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1914 (c)

NAM. 1998-01-125-1

Cap badge

Allied Victory Medal 1914-19 awarded to Margaret Selina Caswell, Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps

NAM. 1998-02-164-1

Campaign medal

Commemorative Medallion 1914-1918, Margaret Selina Caswell

NAM. 1998-02-164-2

Commemorative medallion

Princess Mary gift tin, 1914

NAM. 1998-06-131-1

Box, sweet

King William III and his army at the Siege of Namur, 1695

NAM. 1996-04-110-1

Oil painting

Militia or Marine Pattern .78 inch flintlock musket, 1759

NAM. 1975-07-54-1

Musket, flintlock

Flintlock musket, 1690 (c)

NAM. 1995-07-57-1

Musket, flintlock

Short Magazine Lee-Enfield .303 inch bolt action rifle No 4 Mk I*, 1945

NAM. 1982-04-759-2

Rifle, bolt action

Quick Firing 3.7 inch Mountain Howitzer Mk 1, 1944

NAM. 1998-09-20-1


Traffic sign, Stabilisation Force (SFOR), Bosnia, 1998

NAM. 1998-09-28-1


Lord Fairfax, 1650 (c)

NAM. 1998-10-228-1


Witton and Daw and Co .45 inch percussion revolver, 6 chambers 1851-62 (c)

NAM. 1963-12-251-200

Revolver, percussion

Short Magazine Lee-Enfield .303 inch Mk III bolt action rifle, 1927

NAM. 1964-05-59-21-1

Rifle, bolt action

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