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French 8 mm M1892 revolver, 1895 (c)

NAM. 1998-02-160-1


India General Service Medal 1908-35 with five clasps, 'Abor 1911-12', 'Afghanistan N.W.F 1919', 'Mahsud 1919-20', 'Waziristan 1919-21', and'Malabar 1921-22'

NAM. 1958-11-99-21

Campaign medal

Subadar Major Sundar Singh, 82nd Punjabis, 1911

NAM. 1985-04-3-31


Subadar Major Miyan Sita Ram Singh, 16th (Rajputs) The Lucknow Regiment, 1911

NAM. 1985-04-3-149


Waistbelt ornament, 1st Sikh Irregular Cavalry, 1857-1861

NAM. 2013-10-20-6-1

Waistbelt fitting

Cap badge, officer, 9th Bengal Cavalry, 1861-1886

NAM. 2013-10-20-5-1

Helmet badge

Pouch badge, officer, 7th Regiment of Bengal Irregular Cavalry, 1841-1861

NAM. 2013-10-20-4-1


Pouch badge, 2nd Regiment of Bengal Cavalry, 1861-1890

NAM. 2013-10-20-3-1

Pouch badge

Shako plate, 3rd Regiment of Madras Light Cavalry, 1840s

NAM. 2013-10-20-8-1

Shako plate

Cap badge, officer, 13th (Duke of Connaught's) Regiment of Bengal Lancers, 1907-1921

NAM. 2013-10-20-7-1

Cap badge

Helmet badge, 1st Regiment of Madras Light Cavalry, pre-1886

NAM. 2013-10-20-9-1

Helmet badge

Sabretache badge, 1st Bombay Lancers, 1880-1901

NAM. 2013-10-20-14-1

Sabretache badge

Pouch badge, 2nd Regiment of Punjab Cavalry, 1849-1858

NAM. 2013-10-20-13-1

Pouch badge

Waistbelt clasp, Scinde Irregular Horse, 1843-1853

NAM. 2013-10-20-15-1

Waistbelt clasp

Helmet badge, 2nd Regiment of Madras Light Cavalry, pre-1886

NAM. 2013-10-20-17-1

Helmet badge

Pouch badge, 18th Bengal Cavalry, 1882-1886

NAM. 2013-10-20-20-1

Pouch badge

Pouch belt plate, 24th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry, 1882-1901

NAM. 2013-10-20-36-1

Pouch belt plate

Pugri badge, 14th Regiment of Bengal Infantry (The Ferozepore Sikhs), pre-1901

NAM. 2013-10-20-37-1

Pugri badge

Pouch belt plate, 1st Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force, pre-1901

NAM. 2013-10-20-38-1

Pouch belt plate

Waistbelt clasp, 19th (Punjab) Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry, 1861-1885

NAM. 2013-10-20-40-1

Waistbelt clasp

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