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Theatre handbill, Crimean War, 1855

NAM. 1997-07-29-1


Regimental Colour, 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment, 1803-1813

NAM. 1965-02-165-1


New Zealand Campaigns Medal 1845-66 awarded to Colour Sergeant Edwin Bezar, 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment

NAM. 2002-04-846-1

Campaign medal

The 57th (West Middlesex Regiment) taking a Maori redoubt on the Katikara River, Taranaki, 1863

NAM. 2002-04-877-86

Press cutting

Officer's shoulder belt plate, 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot, 1810 (c)

NAM. 1990-06-5-1

Shoulder belt plate

Army Gold Medal for Albuhera awarded to Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Inglis

NAM. 1965-02-162-2

Campaign medal

Army Gold Medal for Pyrenees with two clasps: Albuhera, Nivelle

NAM. 1965-02-162-3

Campaign medal

Army Gold Cross, Lieutenant-Colonel William Inglis

NAM. 1965-02-162-4

Campaign medal

Canister shot that wounded Lieutenant-Colonel William Inglis at the Battle of Albuera, 16 May 1811

NAM. 1965-02-182-1

Shot, canister

Camp of the Fourth Division, 15 July 1855

NAM. 1992-01-123-1


Paperweight, incorporating the bullet which killed Brigadier General Thomas Leigh Goldie at Inkerman, 5 November 1854

NAM. 1994-01-1-322-1


Interior of Colonel Warre's Hut, Crimea, 1855 (c)

NAM. 1984-04-116-12


Brigadier General McPherson and officers, 4th Division, Crimea, 1855

NAM. 1964-12-151-6-9


Lieutenant-Colonel Shadforth and officers, 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment, Crimea, 1855

NAM. 1964-12-151-6-22


Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Shadforth and the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot, 1855

NAM. 1964-12-151-6-23


Crimean War Medal 1854-56 awarded to Major Arthur Maxwell Earle, 57th Regiment

NAM. 1992-09-108-1

Campaign medal

Fragment of Regimental Colour, 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot during the Crimean War, 1854 (c)

NAM. 1992-12-14-1


Legion of Honour awarded to Major Arthur Earle, 57th (West Middlesex Regiment) of Foot, 1856 (c)

NAM. 1992-09-108-2

Foreign award

'Camp of the 4th Division July 15th 1855'

NAM. 1971-02-33-491-9


Order of the Mejidie, Turkey, Badge of the 5th Class, Lieutenant-Colonel William Inglis, 57th (The West Middlesex) Regiment

NAM. 1965-02-163-5

Foreign award

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