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The Territorials at Pozières, 23 July 1916

NAM. 1959-11-303-1

Oil painting

German 13 mm bolt action anti-tank Mauser rifle, 1918

NAM. 1992-08-154-1

Rifle, anti-tank

Bapaume Church, May 1917

NAM. 1999-09-28-1


Letter from Lilian Emsley, Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps, to her father from France, 12 June 1918

NAM. 1994-01-248-1


A trench interior near the Albert-Bapaume road on the Somme, July 1916

NAM. 1995-03-86-2


'Lieutenant May, RFA examining a gun captured at Pozieres by 1st Divsion ANZACS, July 1916'

NAM. 2002-02-902-76


'Haughty Prussians with machine guns captured by 'Old Contemptibles' in our advance at Pozieres', 1916

NAM. 2001-02-256-44


French and British soldiers on the Somme, 7 July 1916

NAM. 2001-01-279-71


The Battle of Albert, 7 July 1916

NAM. 2001-01-279-62


'British tank amid the ruins of Bapaume wrecked in the furious artillery duels in the Battle of Amiens', 1918

NAM. 1972-08-67-2-151


'Our troops make use of a Jerry dugout captured by the Great Allied Advance at Bapaume', August 1918

NAM. 1972-08-67-2-174


British soldiers in a war-damaged street in Bapaume, 1918

NAM. 2007-03-7-16


Troops billeted in a wrecked factory hanging out their washing, Bapaume, 8 March 1918

NAM. 2007-03-7-77


Canal bridge on the Peronne-Bapaume road, 1916

NAM. 1995-03-91-22


The 1st Buckinghamshire Regiment at Pozières, July 23 1916

NAM. 1967-05-83-1


An Advanced Dressing Station, August 1916

NAM. 1978-11-157-25-30

Lantern slide

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