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View of Boisleux-au-Mont after its capture, March 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-15


'Wanton destruction at Nesle', March 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-46


The Kaiser studying maps with Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg and General Eric Ludendorff, 1917

NAM. 1990-07-180-11


'British tank amid the ruins of Bapaume wrecked in the furious artillery duels in the Battle of Amiens', 1918

NAM. 1972-08-67-2-151


'Our troops make use of a Jerry dugout captured by the Great Allied Advance at Bapaume', August 1918

NAM. 1972-08-67-2-174


'An important sector of the Hindenburg defences as seen at 8,000 ft', 1917 (c)

NAM. 1972-08-67-1-71


'Formidable Hun pill-box at Bullecourt, the Battle of Arras', 1917

NAM. 1972-08-67-1-79


British soldiers in a war-damaged street in Bapaume, 1918

NAM. 2007-03-7-16


'Noyon: The destruction of this town was perhaps the most cowardly of the German frightfulness', 1918

NAM. 2007-03-7-35


Troops billeted in a wrecked factory hanging out their washing, Bapaume, 8 March 1918

NAM. 2007-03-7-77


Pennant flown on tank I.54 at Cambrai on 20 November, 1917

NAM. 1959-05-55-2-1


'The strong wire defences of the Hindenberg Line probably near Bellicourt', 1918

NAM. 1953-03-31-190


Wire entanglements in front of the Hindenburg Line near Heninel, 3 May 1917

NAM. 1978-11-157-4-73

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