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Mauser bullet extracted from the leg of Private Thomas Hewitt, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, in Mesopotamia, in 1916

NAM. 1997-09-93-1


Field Marshal William, Viscount Slim, in Service Dress, 1967

NAM. 1967-05-79-1

Oil painting

Webley and Scott .455/.476 inch Army Model revolver used by Major- General Charles Townshend in Mesopotamia, 1915 (c)

NAM. 1963-12-251-204

Revolver, breechloading

Riding whip taken from a Turkish prisoner by Captain Heerajee Cursetjee in Egypt, 1915

NAM. 1960-08-84-3


Ration biscuit owned by Gunner T Austen, 86th Battery, Royal Artillery, World War One, 1916 (c)

NAM. 1960-12-44-2


Identity tag worn by Lieutenant Heerajee Jehangir Manockjee Cursetjee, 1913 (c)

NAM. 1965-01-25-7


A tram on rails being pulled by horses, on the way to relieve Kut, 1916 (c)

NAM. 1999-10-8-2


Communion set used by Captain (Reverend 4th Class) V G Bullance, Army Chaplains Department, in Mesopotamia, 1917 (c)

NAM. 1990-06-201-1

Set, communion

Victoria Cross, Major George Campbell Wheeler, 9th Gurkha Rifles, 1917

NAM. 1958-02-1-1

Gallantry award

Beadwork snake, probably made by Turkish prisoner of war, 1918

NAM. 2000-04-125-1

Snake, model

Colour Party of the 1st Battalion, The King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry), India, 1920

NAM. 2000-09-144-5


Soldiers of the 15th Indian Division, Mesopotamia, 1918 (c)

NAM. 1993-02-372-1


A British cavalry camp, part of the eastern Persian cordon, 1916

NAM. 1994-07-210-1


Major-General Charles Townshend after his capture at Kut, 1916

NAM. 1993-01-145-1


Indian cavalry await the order to advance on the Somme, 14 July 1916

NAM. 2001-01-279-77


The Hertfordshire Yeomanry, 1914 (c)

NAM. 1994-01-225-30


The Hertfordshire Yeomanry at Luton Hoo Camp, 1914

NAM. 1994-01-225-31


The Hertfordshire Yeomanry at Luton Hoo Camp, 1914

NAM. 1994-01-225-32


Members of the Hertfordshire Yeomanry at Luton Hoo Camp, 1914

NAM. 1994-01-225-33


Quick Firing 3.7 in gun, 5th (Bombay) Mountain Battery, North West Frontier, 1933 (c)

NAM. 2001-04-1-52


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