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Victoria Cross, Private Frederick Edwards, Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), 1916

NAM. 1992-07-3-1

Gallantry award

Commemorative medallion 1914-1918 issued to the next of kin Private William Green, 6th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

NAM. 2001-06-206-1

Commemorative medallion

Soldiers from 7th Battalion The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1916 (c)

NAM. 2001-07-344-1


Five soldiers from 7th Battalion The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1916 (c)

NAM. 2001-07-344-2


Soldiers from 7th Battalion The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1916 (c)

NAM. 2001-07-344-3


Letter to Miss Cross, the daughter of Private Price's employer, 27 August 1916

NAM. 2001-11-39-1


Press cutting relating to the death of Private Alfred Price, August 1916

NAM. 2001-11-39-2

Press cutting

Letter from J Duckworth of the Ely Fruit Preserving Company, Rochdale, offering his sympathy to Private Price's father, 16 October 1916

NAM. 2001-11-39-3


Army Form B 104-82,11 April 1917

NAM. 2001-11-39-4


Letter to Private Alfred Price's mother informing her that her son had been wounded on 14 July 1916

NAM. 2001-11-39-6


Letter from the Record Office posthumously transmitting the 1914-15 Star to Private Alfred Price, 31 July 1920

NAM. 2001-11-39-7


Memorial card for the Unknown Warrior interred in Westminster Abbey, 11 November 1920

NAM. 2001-11-39-8

Memoriam card

Just before zero hour and the attack on Thiepval, 26 September 1916

NAM. 2002-02-902-143


Engineer officers waiting for Zero, Thiepval, September 1916

NAM. 2002-02-902-160


'Reconnoitring party before the fall of Thiepval at Spayside', 1916

NAM. 2002-02-902-166


Private Albert Haughton with his sister Olive Louisa, 1915 (c)

NAM. 2005-08-66-1


Typescript letter from the former employer of Private Albert Haughton, Eugen Baedeker Limited, Birmingham, 29 November 1915

NAM. 2005-08-66-2


Letter from Lance-Corporal Albert Haughton, 23rd Battalion, Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment) to his mother, 19 August 1916

NAM. 2005-08-66-3


Letter from Lance-Corporal Albert Haughton to his mother, 27 August 1916

NAM. 2005-08-66-4


Printed letter of condolence bearing the facsimile signature of King George V, 1918 (c)

NAM. 2005-08-66-6


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