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Lens-Arras Road, looking on to Vimy village, Lens and Henin Liotard in the distance, 1918 (c)

NAM. 1991-12-108-1

Oil painting

25-pound Ammonal bag, 1917

NAM. 1998-11-87-1


British War Medal, 1914-20, Corporal Henry Eggleston

NAM. 2002-02-921-1

Campaign medal

Allied Victory Medal 1914-19, Corporal Henry Eggleston, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) and 16th Battalion, The Machine Gun Corps

NAM. 2002-02-921-2

Campaign medal

French bronze medal commemorating the British offensive of 1917

NAM. 1982-05-97-1

Commemorative medal

'Battle of Arras 10th April 1917 - Captured 5.9 Howitzer Battery near Fampoux: snow on the ground! Germans now steel-helmeted'

NAM. 1994-12-20-1


'18 pounder Battery firing barrage from position in old Hun lines. Gun at full recoil, Battle of Arras, May 1917'

NAM. 1994-12-61-1


'Daybreak on Vimy Ridge! after our dogged and impetuous assault on the height, April 9th 1917'

NAM. 1972-08-67-1-72


'Waiting in trenches near Arras for our creeping barrage to lift before pushing on', Arras, 1917

NAM. 1972-08-67-1-78


'Formidable Hun pill-box at Bullecourt, the Battle of Arras', 1917

NAM. 1972-08-67-1-79


'The Guns 8" Howitzer. probably 6th Canadian Siege on Vimy Ridge summer 1917'

NAM. 1953-03-31-173


'Attending to a wounded comrade on Vimy Ridge', 1917 (c)

NAM. 1953-03-31-181


'Taking of Vimy Ridge - A German machine gun casement in village of Thelus', 1917 (c)

NAM. 1953-03-31-184


Captured German 21 cm Morser 10 howitzers, Vimy Ridge, 1917

NAM. 1953-03-31-185


Captured German gun emplacement, Vimy Ridge, 1917

NAM. 1953-03-31-186


'All that remains of the village of Farbus captured by the Canadians', 1917

NAM. 1953-03-31-187


'A captured German gun emplacement near Thelus', 1917

NAM. 1953-03-31-188


'6" german naval gun under railroad at Farbus - Used to annoy us badly till taking of Ridge', 1917

NAM. 1953-03-31-189


Wounded being moved by light railway near Feuchy, 29 April 1917

NAM. 1978-11-157-4-32

Lantern slide

German prisoners in a holding camp at Wanquetin, 1917

NAM. 1978-11-157-25-8

Lantern slide

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