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The First VC of the European War, 1914. Captain Francis Grenfell, 9th Lancers at Audregnies, 24 August 1914

NAM. 1978-09-22-1

Oil painting

The Advance of French's Cavalry Brigade to Relieve Kimberley, 13 February 1900

NAM. 1967-05-68-1

Oil painting

Warrington Road, 1917

NAM. 1992-12-45-1

Oil painting

Indian Army Officer's sword, Captain Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, 18th Bengal Lancers, 1896

NAM. 1959-01-19-1

Sword, Indian Army

Indian Army Officer's sword scabbard, Captain Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, 18th Bengal Lancers, 1896

NAM. 1959-01-19-2

Scabbard, sword

Hellfire Corner signboard, 1918

NAM. 1996-08-303-1


German Army respirator, 1917

NAM. 1956-02-929-1


German army respirator case, 1917

NAM. 1956-02-929-2

Case, respirator

Despatch case used by the Duke of Wellington, 1808 (c)

NAM. 1973-03-31-1

Case, despatch

'British cavalry man with a hearty meal', 1914

NAM. 1997-07-67-48


'Battle of the Menin Road. Scene on a road over newly captured ground, September 1917'

NAM. 1999-11-70-21


German prisoner of war captured during the Battle of Menin Ridge, September 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-33


Battle of Menin Road. North-country troops bring up rations, 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-35


'Battle of Messines Ridge. An officer finds a German map', 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-59


'German prisoners of war captured during the battle of the Menin Road', 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-63


British troops near Boesinghe, 18 August 1917

NAM. 1999-11-70-69


Second Lieutenant James Lindsay Sutherland, 23rd Battalion Middlesex Regiment, December 1915

NAM. 2000-05-124-3


Pocket diary belonging to Second Lieutenant James Lindsay Sutherland, 23rd Battalion The Middlesex Regiment, 30 December 1916 to 30 July 1917

NAM. 2000-05-125-82


'Myself. at Vieille Chapelle', 1915

NAM. 1995-06-89-1-13


Lieutenant Arthur Fancourt Logan, 2nd Battalion The Bedfordshire Regiment, with his pony, 1915

NAM. 1995-06-89-1-35


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