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Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, 1854 (c)

NAM. 1967-02-19-1

Oil painting

Sir Briggs, horse of Lord Tredegar, in camp in the Crimea, 1854

NAM. 1961-08-7-1

Oil painting

The Relief of the Light Brigade, 25 October 1854

NAM. 1989-01-1-1

Oil painting

The Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January 1879

NAM. 1960-11-182-1

Oil painting

Dieppe, August 1942

NAM. 1990-06-3-1

Oil painting

The Hon Lieutenant Frederick Roberts, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 1899 (c)

NAM. 1960-05-320-1

Oil painting

Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Officer's Sword, 1854

NAM. 1967-06-40-2

Sword, cavalry

Bugle, 17th Light Dragoons (Lancers), 1854

NAM. 1963-10-190-1


Saddle, Captain Thomas Everard Hutton, 4th (The Queen's Own) Light Dragoons, 1854 (c)

NAM. 1967-06-31-1


Assegai recovered from the vicinity of the Prince Imperial's body, 1 June 1879

NAM. 1963-10-166-1


Abandoned equipment and boats, 1940.

NAM. 2001-03-39-14


Survivors of the cavalry charge at Balaklava on 25 October 1854, taken on the 33rd Anniversary Dinner in 1887

NAM. 1987-10-56-1


Captured British and Canadian prisoners marching through Dieppe, France, 1942

NAM. 1987-10-76-9


The Defence of Rorke's Drift, 22 January 1879

NAM. 1968-11-15-1


Short-tailed coatee, Sergeant Frederick Peake, 13th (Light) Dragoons, 1854

NAM. 1956-10-44-1


Sergeant Frederick Peake, veteran of the Charge of the Light Brigade

NAM. 1956-10-47-7


Cavalry officer's cloak, Captain Louis Edward Nolan, 15th Hussars, Crimean War, 1854 (c)

NAM. 1963-10-314-1


The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1854

NAM. 1988-06-19-1


Lord Cardigan, Charge of the Light Brigade, Battle of Balaklava, 25 October 1854

NAM. 1956-02-339-1


'Charge of the Light Brigade, 25th October 1854'

NAM. 1961-08-4-1


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