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The Battle of El Alamein, (23rd October - 4 November), 1942

NAM. 1990-06-4-1

Oil painting

Indian troops with Axis prisoners in the Western Desert, December 1941

NAM. 1974-09-79-8


Africa Star 1940-43, Sergeant H F Darking, Royal Engineers

NAM. 1999-01-103-2

Campaign medal

Vickers .303 inch gas operated Class K light machine gun 1940 (c)

NAM. 1996-03-29-1

Machine gun, light

An armoured car in Tabourka, 1943 (c)

NAM. 1999-03-88-3

Lantern slide

Soldiers of the Hampshire Regiment on a road near Medjez-el-Bab, Tunisia, 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-4

Lantern slide

Anti-tank guns moving up to the Tunisian front line, 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-5

Lantern slide

Military Police questioning a man during a raid on an Arab village, January 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-8

Lantern slide

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers returning to the rear during the Battle for 'Two Tree' Hill, Bou Arada, January 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-9

Lantern slide

Captain Rushby practising dentistry on a patient in the front line, February 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-11

Lantern slide

A gun crew loading a 17-pounder anti-tank gun, February 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-12

Lantern slide

Troops from 78th Division lining up to collect their weekly ration from the NAAFI, March 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-13

Lantern slide

A 'compo ration' dump and men carrying supplies to it, March 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-14

Lantern slide

1st Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment, moving up to the front line during the First Army's attack on Recce Ridge, April 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-16

Lantern slide

Sappers clearing a minefield in the aftermath of the First Army's attack on Toukabeur and Chaouach, April 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-17

Lantern slide

Mules taking jerricans of water to forward troops in the Chaouach area, April 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-18

Lantern slide

Medjez-el-Bab in the distance, April 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-19

Lantern slide

Infantry moving up for the First Army attack on Longstop Hill, Tunisia, April 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-20

Lantern slide

A mule train on a mountain pass towards Tangoucha, 1943

NAM. 1999-03-88-21

Lantern slide

Side drum, used by the 1st Battalion Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians), 1898, repainted 1905 (c)

NAM. 1957-02-58-1


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