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Landrécies, 25 August 1914

NAM. 1959-11-304-1

Oil painting

'Lord Kitchener's Appeal', recruiting poster, 1914

NAM. 1996-01-10-1

Poster, recruiting

Reading a newspaper in the trenches, 1916 (c)

NAM. 1999-11-70-41


Daily Sketch, 6 August 1914

NAM. 2002-02-1371-7


'It is Far Better to Face the Bullets than to be Killed at Home by a Bomb', 1915 (c)

NAM. 1977-06-81-1

Poster, recruiting

'Men of London! Each Recruit Means Quicker Peace', 1914

NAM. 1977-06-81-3

Poster, recruiting

'Single Men Show Your Appreciation', 1915

NAM. 1977-06-81-13

Poster, recruiting

'Line Up, Boys! Enlist To-day', 1915 (c)

NAM. 1977-06-81-14

Poster, recruiting

'Daddy. what did You do in the Great War?', 1915

NAM. 1977-06-81-16

Poster, recruiting

'The Hun and the Home. A Bit of England. A Bit of Belgium. Back up the Men who have Saved You', 1914

NAM. 1977-06-81-25

Poster, recruiting

'Public Schools Brigade, Royal Fusiliers, 118th Infantry Brigade', 1914 (c)

NAM. 1977-06-81-26

Poster, recruiting

'Turn Your Silver into Bullets at the Post Office', 1915

NAM. 1977-06-81-28


'Step Into Your Place', 1916 (c)

NAM. 1977-06-81-31

Poster, recruiting

'For Your Children. Buy War Savings Certificates and they will live to thank you', 1917

NAM. 1977-06-81-38


'Men of Britain! Will You Stand This?, 1915

NAM. 1977-06-81-42

Poster, recruiting

'At the grave of a fallen hero', August 1916

NAM. 1994-12-130-6


'Outside a captured German dug-out', August 1916

NAM. 1994-12-130-7


German postcard celebrating the Turkish raid on the Suez Canal, 1915

NAM. 1996-12-38-20


'Be honest with yourself. Be certain that your so-called reason is not a selfish excuse. Enlist Today'

NAM. 1961-08-88-1

Poster, recruiting

'The Empire Needs Men!', recruiting poster aimed at Commonwealth countries, 1915

NAM. 2005-11-219-1

Poster, recruiting

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